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Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Favorite Vloggers- Part II

I did this theme once before and you can read that first edition here. Now as you may know, I consider myself a beauty blogger, not a vlogger (video blogger.) I can't seem to muster up the courage to really put myself "out there" and invest a large part of my life at the same time. Although I don't make these videos on my own, I do follow and watch a lot of lovely ladies who do just that.
I wanted to feature another rendition of this by showing you some other lovely YouTubers that I adore.

| Amelia Liana |
I lose words when I think about the videos Amelia creates. She may be competing for first place in my favorite YouTubers (with Essie Button) because she is just hilarious, good-hearted, and makes somewhat awkward comments that are the funniest things I've ever heard in my life. Like #ETC. Go watch her videos to find out what that hashtag means. 

Tati | 
She is a new discovery from this summer and is truly just impeccable. She has so much knowledge about beauty products and posts videos Monday-Friday (which is more videos than I've ever seen a YouTuber post before!) Her videos have great content, are fresh, and really help when considering the purchase of  new products.

| Claire Marshall |
She is just so damn cool. By watching her videos, I feel like she's just my friend who would I can call dude and talk to you like I've known for years. She's gorgeous and she is most definitely *drum roll Please* the queen of eyeliner. QUEEN I tell you. No one can do a better cat eye than Claire.

| ViviannaDoesMakeup |
One of my favorites! Vivianna is just so lovely, with an adorable accent, and great advice about lots of different topics. Although her focus is beauty, she's also physically active so she's a role model more so than most. Just so fun to watch her because of her wonderful infectious positive attitude. I am just obsessed.

| Jaclyn Hill |
Last, but certainly not least, Jaclyn. She reminds me the most of one of my closest friends because she's crazy and hilarious in the best possible way. She very honest, very real, and truly knows everything there is to know about any type of makeup she has tried and hasn't tried. She's the one you want doing your wedding makeup, your prom makeup, your engagement picture makeup, and so on. Just yes
Which YouTubers are your favorite? I would love to hear in the comments below!
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  1. I suppose it depends, really, on how you define "vlogger".

    My all-time favorite is probably Numberphile. But that's more like, episodic, reality Mathematics. Along similar lines are Deep Sky Videos, Computerphile and Minute Physics.

    If you consider "vloggers" to be more like Zoella, then the list differs.
    Beckie0 is far and away my favorite. Lifeburry. MeekaKitty. PsychoSoprano. (sensing a trend here?)

    As for being a is indeed difficult. It's trivial to sit there and imagine all the content you could be creating but the moment that proverbial red light comes on, the situation changes. More problematic, however, is the whole 9-to-5 thing. It's hard enough to find time to shoot the video, let alone cut and post it.

  2. I agree! She is very bubbly, fun, and always puts me in a good mood.


  3. Anyone who creates videos and shares them with others is considered a vlogger in my mind. Now the type of vlogger you are depends (beauty, episodic, lifestyle, etc.) I think we all enjoy watching videos and stepping into a reality that is not our own; whether it's learning how to play a video game or learning about clothes. The list goes on and on.

    I completely agree with the difficulty of being a vlogger- it's amazing that people do it when they DO have 9-5 jobs on top of their vlogging hobby. Keep vlogging because there's lots of people out there who want to see it!



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