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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Seattle Happenings

Seattle and all its glory.

Let's start the day with breakfast at the Sheraton (located across from the Convention Center.)

The view from Hyatt Olive 8 was incredible; based on my Instagram pic sounds like this is a popular hotel for 
travelers staying in downtown Seattle! You know I love me some Hyatt especially when the customer service 
is always so phenomenal.

After some emails, lunch was at Blueacre. Lovely restaurant with a daily menu. Classy I know ;)

My first time having oysters.

And I'll admit the texture really creeps me out. These will be an acquired taste...eventually.

Bloggers just taking pictures from all angles of everyone's food. It's a bloggers' world!

Hash brown with sour cream, bacon and green onions? I don't know what could be better.

I went for salmon again because I saw a waiter carrying this to another table.
Even the veggies look incredible.

And of course on the way back to the hotel, I had to take an elevator selfie. I do have to admit based on just a 
few days in Seattle, I can definitely see myself enjoying and living in the city. It has a nice city feel to it, but it's
not an overcrowded insane city (like an L.A. or New York) so it's got the best of both worlds. Lots of 
seafood that I may not care for, but I have a feeling I would come to terms with it in time.

Have you been to Seattle?

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