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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Travel Makeup Bag-Extended Edition

With traveling comes the tough decision of cutting your makeup collection to a twelfth of its size.

Now that you know exactly what each product is (links above) I can tell you why this is the "extended version" of my travel makeup bag. A few weeks ago, the Mr. went to Norway for business and I decided to pack a bag (or two!) and stay with his mom and stepdad. This is the makeup bag I tend to bring with me if I'm traveling to a girlfriend's house for the evening, doing an overnight stay in a nearby resort, or traveling to a neighboring city. When I don't have to deal with TSA and the 3.2 oz rule, I don't hesitate to bring more than I need. Who knows what kind of day I'll have? I want to have all three of my favorite foundations so I can make the decision in the morning each day. Read about three of my favorite bases here. Maybe I'll prefer one mascara to another, who knows? The
moral of the story is I take with me anything I would like to have whether I will use it or not.

What's in your travel makeup bag? Do you have any of these products?
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