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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekend Haulin'

I have a problem, but then again a shopping problem isn't really a problem is it?

I'm very excited about this Michael Kors mini clutch as I purchased it to hold my phone and credit cards. It 
will be my 'unofficial' phone case as I don't particularly like phone cases because I like to feel the phone as 
it was designed. After picking up some moisturizer for the Mr. I got suckered into the MAC counter. The sales 
associate talked me into this specific concealer after I told her I had quite a few acne scars that have been 
sticking around. She said this will do the best job at covering and also remaining for hours. After everything 
I've heard about it, I decided I would definitely give it a go. I've also heard quite a bit about the Fix+ solution, 
so I thought I would finally try it. The reason I decided to even go to the mall was for the phone clutch and to 
find the NARS matte lip pencil in the shade 'Damned.' Unfortunately, my Sephora did not have that shade 
so I gravitated to Bite Beauty's lip crayons and found that 'Burgundy' was a pretty purple shade that could 
compensate for 'Damned.' I've also had my eye on those Audacious lipsticks so I swatched a few and found 
that 'Audrey' was a very beautiful shade. Very excited to start using all of these new purchases!

Have you tried any of these? How did you get on with them?

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