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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Overland Park and Wilmington & Beaches

About two weeks ago, I went on a week long trip.


My first stop was Kansas. Overland Park to be specific. If you've never been to Kansas, you should know that BBQ is a thing. A real big delicious thing.

IMG_9397 IMG_9398IMG_9399

Sadly, I didn't get many pictures while in Kansas this time. I had the worst vertigo. So bad in fact, that I had to go to Urgent Care one morning. It ended shortly after I got home, but it was a big bummer to have to deal with it during the week out of town, but alas you have to keep going. 


I landed in Wilmington, North Carolina mid-week and most of my pictures were from this part of the trip because I was starting to feel better.

IMG_9402 IMG_9401
IMG_9433IMG_9435 IMG_9437 IMG_9436 IMG_9439 IMG_9438
IMG_9440IMG_9441 IMG_9443 IMG_9442IMG_9444 IMG_9445 IMG_9446
Have you ever been to Overland Park or Wilmington?
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