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10 Must Haves for Coachella

This is a photo of the Coachella decor in 2018, incorporating blue floral.

10 Must Haves for Coachella

March 16, 2019

This post was written by Haley Urban.

If there is anything I’ve learned throughout the last few years of traveling, it’s that you’re better off over prepared, than under. In the past I used to fit in a trip to Target to grab everything I forgot, and I soon realized there is a much better way. Even though I don’t necessarily pack a week before my trips, I do create extensive lists and spreadsheets for what I’ll be bringing. If it’s a bigger group trip like Coachella, I’ll make an excel sheet and send it to my friends to divide and conquer.

This is a shot of Haley Urban in a cute two piece outfit at Coachella 2018.




After attending last year, I found there were specific products and things I just couldn’t see myself without. If you’re planning a trip to Coachella yourself, a music festival, or any event that takes place outside for a few days- do yourself a favor and remember to bring these things!

  1. Sanitizer. I’m kind of a germaphobe, so being without antibacterial products sounds like a personal hell for me. I have hand sanitizer on me at all times: wipes, gel, spray, you name it. Since most of these festivals are on random grounds that have no plumbing, you’ll really be grateful when it comes time to eat, you will have clean hands thanks to hand sanitizer.
  2. Hydration. Being outdoors for a large portion of the day will quickly dehydrate you, so it’s important to stay on top of your water intake. Definitely bring in a reusable water bottle or a camelback to carry around and help keep you hydrated. Coachella has restrictions as to what water bottles can be brought in, but plastic reusable are fine.
  3. Three words. Battery. Operated. Fan. I have this one here, and it just hangs over your neck. It’s not a total fashion trend, so I ditch it for pictures (lol) but it definitely keeps me from melting into a puddle. I kept mine on last year all day for two days straight, before needing to replace the AA batteries.
  4. Ootds. Outfits, accessories, and comfortable shoes for each day of the festival. Planning out outfits is one of my favorite parts, but I am always reminding myself they have to be comfortable, especially the shoes. I learned this lesson last year when my foot swelled up so much one of my sandals ripped at the seams.
  5. Sunscreen. This is another thing you have to have. There’s not much shade so apply it prior to heading into the festival and make sure you’ve got a bottle of it incase you need to reapply. They don’t allow aerosol products, so it has to be the old school lotion. I always use makeup products with sunscreen in them, too. Chapstick is another product you should have, and ideally it should have SPF. Sunglasses and hats are another great way to keep the sun off your face, which I totally try to do!

6. Identification. The simple basics: your ticket, debit/credit card, ID and cash. Surprisingly there’s usually someone in the group who forgets one of these things, so double check before you leave.

7. Portable charger. Between a lack of service and trying to capture photos and videos, your phone’s going to die quick. Portable power banks are fairly small so you can fit them in your bag, camelback, or even pocket! I usually research a reliable one that has a higher mAh (the higher the mAh, the more energy it holds). Then when using it, flip your phone into airplane mode to charge it faster. Last year in the festival, they had portable charging banks that were fully charged that you could purchase, and switch out when it was dead. Fingers crossed, they’ll be back at the festival this year too.

8. Meeting spot. Having a meeting spot is crucial. The combination of the large crowds and lack of service creates a disaster when trying to find your group after getting lost. I do this at each festival, and it’s always helpful. Determine a game plan with your group for what you’ll do if one of you get seperated, and where you’ll link back up.

9. Backpack. A backpack or bag of some kind would be great to hold all of your things together. A camelback typically has pockets that you can put things in, and since most women’s outfits don’t have pockets, I usually try to bring a cute cross body.

10. Good vibes. Lastly, a positive attitude. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned and well, that’s life. Sometimes people are late, some people cancel, sometimes your new shoes rip at the seams. It’s easier said than done, but if something doesn’t pan out like you hoped, just go with the flow and try to make the best of the situation.

What are your must have items to bring for the festival?

This is a photo of the decor at Coachella 2018.

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