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10 Ways to Pucker Up for Valentine’s Day

In this image, several of the lip glosses and lipsticks talked about in the post are laying on top of a white surface.

10 Ways to Pucker Up for Valentine’s Day

February 3, 2020

Who is ready for Valentine’s Day? It’s one of those holidays that over the years, has been pegged a “Hallmark holiday.” I mean, it’s technically true because it’s not a real holiday, but when the food industry, card industry, stuffed animal industries saw the uptick in chocolate, wine and teddy bears, it seemed like a great business opportunity to really make it a big deal. Regardless of all of that, I still think it’s a sweet day of the year even though Aaron and I don’t do much on the 14th. There can sometimes be a lot of stress around the holiday depending on if you’re single or taken. A lot of people DM me asking how to celebrate when they don’t have a significant other. Honestly? Grab yourself a bottle of wine, a box of chocolate and grill yourself a steak and some veggies. You don’t need a man or woman to enjoy the amazing treats, food and drink that Valentine’s Day has to offer. Additionally I’ve had people ask if I’m staying in or going out? Where should they go for dinner? Is it better to cook at home? The cheaper option is to cook at home, but who’s going to cook and get the groceries after work? What gift should I get? Is a watch too much? Is a bottle of whiskey not thoughtful enough? The list seriously goes on and on.

I met Aaron in April of 2013, so our first Valentine’s Day was April of 2014 which was really sweet. He got me an amazing gift which I had hinted to for a few weeks, because you know back then I was a makeup nut with very thin pockets. Truthfully the only reason I owned a wallet was because it was expected. There was never any money in that wallet. He went inside Sephora (bless him!) and got me the brand spanking new Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palette. I have the palette TO THIS DAY because it was such a sweet gesture, and I knew he did not want to go inside Sephora and ask the ladies for help. There’s something just so sweet about that effort, you know what I mean? He also had chocolates, flowers and a bottle of wine. Not to mention he was making dinner. Needless to say he won Valentine’s Day in 2014. Over the years (which I’m sure is the same for a lot of couples) Valentine’s Day does become different. Some years you want to get dressed and go out. Other years you just want to stay in and grill in your backyard. It’s all up to you, so just try your best to get rid of the pressure. 

Having said that, when we first started dating, I definitely am guilty of planning my outfit and makeup look for a few days. When looking at the products I use most frequently (then and now), I realized I’ll never be without a lip product. Whether it’s a casual nude lip, a matte liquid lip or even a lip gloss, lip products are my main go-tos with all outfits. I actually don’t leave the house with something on my lips because now the lack of moisture when going outside, bugs me right away. It might also be why I have tried so many over the years, and I wanted to share some of the best with you all so you can take your Valentine’s Day look to the next level

In my opinion, Tom Ford lipsticks are some of the best. The price point makes you second guess your life decisions, because each one is $50. Yep. While it is steep, testing out the consistency a few years ago made it clear to me that I had to buy my favorite shade. The packaging is luxe, and so is the product. These are more expensive than your average lipstick but I’ve found them price matched a few times at Nordstrom and I tend to stock up during the Sephora sales. Since they are on the pricer side, I always purchase shades I know I’ll rock all year round. Truth be told, I rarely finish my lipsticks, but when I do they’re usually the ones from Tom Ford. These creamy lip colors are sure to last through all of your Valentine’s Day plans. I love them so much because they feel so weightless on your lips and their consistency ensures you don’t need a lip liner.

Clean, efficient, and effective products are what comes to mind when I think of Bite Beauty. I’ve tried their products in the past and they are known for their lip products. Their agave lip mask started it all 5-6 years ago and they never stopped making amazing lippies. They reformulated their products recently, so they’re clean and free of the nasty stuff like sulfates, coal tar, aluminum, gluten, and talc. I read recently that the average woman eats about seven pounds of lipstick in her lifetime, so I want to be sure I’m not eating seven pounds of legit garbage. I love that their products are better than ever. Not to mention getting 10+ lip crayons from them during the holidays was such a treat. Even better, they allowed five of you to win them too!

I’m pretty sure everyone on the internet has heard about the famous Charlotte Tilbury shade, Pillow Talk. I was actually one of the first US bloggers to ever discuss Charlotte Tilbury. I remember the day the counter opened in LA at The Grove (it was 5-6 years ago if I remember correctly). I ran to the counter to get a makeover but also decided to stock up on the magic cream which I was running out of at the time. It was so exciting NOT to pay for shipping. It was epic. I’ve been hooked on CT for almost a decade, and Pillow Talk was a shade I mentioned often in the beginning. It’s amazing how far the brand has come over the last 5 years. 


Now when it comes a Nars lip crayon, the obsession definitely came much before Charlotte Tilbury. I remember watching UK beauty vloggers, and “needing” 5 different shades of the lip crayons. I prefer lip crayons over lipstick because they’re more precise, and they also last so much longer. Anyone else!? First I line my lips with the lip crayon, then I fill the rest of my lips in. Don’t get me wrong, I love my lipsticks, but it can be difficult to not get products outside of the lips once the lipstick is no longer new. You can’t really sharpen the tip of your lipstick, but you can sharpen the tip of your crayon! 

Pixi has pleasantly surprised me over the last few years. Their products do exactly what they say they will, and I love how easy it is to restock by just hitting the beauty section at Target. I’ve found their liquid lipsticks have a similar consistency to some of the best out there, without making your lips feel dry or cakey. The pigment is amazing, and there are quite a few shades. Not to mention they’re affordable, which is a major plus! 

In this image, the lip colors are swatched on Adaleta's arm and she's showing the various colors, pigments, and finishes of the lip colors.

Earlier this year I received one of the most beautiful PR packages of all time from a brand that has wowed many of us over the years, Estee Lauder. When I opened the box, my eyes were instantly drawn to the chic packaging (white marble) and the insanely beautiful colors. This lipstick is the perfect everyday look.

Most of us have tried a MAC lip product at one point or another. I remember one of the first MAC lipsticks I had and thinking it was so cool. I didn’t know as much then as I do now about makeup, but I always knew MAC delivered some of the best long-lasting super pigmented products. I just came across these new liquid lipsticks and to say I’m impressed is an understatement. They glide on your lips so easily and I love the variety of shades. They have colors that are perfect all year round, with deeper shades for winter, and brighter corals for summer. I can’t wait for it to be pool season (which will probably be next month here in Arizona) so I can rock the coral shades. ** Insider secret: A light coral shade is also going to be part of my new brand redesign. O la la la! 

If you’re looking for a lip color that will last you all day and ALL night, Kylie Cosmetics is the way to go. I swear these lip colors don’t come off easily but in a good way. It’s really great not to have to worry about your lip color wearing off in like .5 seconds, especially on Valentine’s day. My first Kylie lip kit was Posie K in the matte finish. I really loved the color and how long it lasted, but I found it to be a little bit dry on my lips. When I heard about the velvet liquid lipsticks from Kylie Cosmetics, I was intrigued because I knew it would be more hydrating then the matte formulation. It’s definitely just as pigmented as my matte liquid lipstick and it contains Vitamin E to keep your lips soft and nourished throughout the day. It does slip and slide throughout the day but the hydration piece is more important in my opinion. Just depends on the look you’re going for this Valentine’s Day! 

Lip fillers have been all the hype the last few years, and a few months back I had a little filler injected into my lips. I haven’t decided if I like it or not honestly, but I didn’t like the sensation of the needle threaded inside my lip. It didn’t hurt per say, but it just made me uncomfortable. Having said that, I absolutely loved that extra va va voom (if you will) because your pout just looks so nice and plump for a few weeks. Since the filler has worn off now, I’ve been using Buxom to give myself a little bit of a plumper look. Their products feel tingly on the lips for a few seconds, but they don’t burn. I have sensitive skin and the Buxom glosses don’t irritate it at all, thank goodness. It’s one of Haley’s favorite products too, and she even included in our 100 Favorite Products list. The shade White Russian is the perfect subtle nude that looks good over any lipstick.

Colourpop has been on the map for years, and is sold mainly online on their site. I received an amazing box of goodies from them over Christmas time, and it was filled with several different formulations. Everything is super creamy, pigmented and the lipsticks are very nourishing. This liquid lip was my favorite because it had a hydrating feel to it, while also being matte and really sticking to the lips.

What is your ride or die lip product? 

This image shows the beautiful Tom Ford lipstick, liquid lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury, the gorgeous shade from Pixi Beauty, MAC and Estee Lauder.

For this post, I collaborated with 4 of my girlfriends since we all wanted to discuss all things Valentine's Day.

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I’ve just started wearing a colored lip gloss after years of hating how I looked with anything but clear on my lips, haha! Great post!

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