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17 Eye Creams Worth the Money

In this photo, you see a flat lay of 17 eye creams ranging in price point.

17 Eye Creams Worth the Money

March 20, 2023


Many years ago, I had a sit down meeting with Peter Thomas Roth himself, with my friend Tonya. One of my biggest questions at the time came from my audience because there was a perception of "eye creams are a waste of money, why do we need them?" So I asked Peter why eye creams were created. He explained it to me comparing the front and back of the hand. The palm of your hand can be callused and you use it to grab things, do dishes, cook, hold, etc. The back of your hand is very thin skin in comparison to the palm, and it needs different care. In addition, it tends to age much quicker due to the thin nature.  

With that knowledge, you want to treat the back of the hand different from the rest of the skin. Queue in the eye creams.

The Stars of the Show

The creme de la creme. If you had to pick one eye cream, I would push towards one of these.

Cle de Peau Eye Cream is worth every single penny in my humble opinion, and truly the GOAT when it comes to eye creams. It went viral on TikTok, and for good reason. It is the most decadent beautiful consistency that stays hydrated under the eyes, for hours after application. After I did my morning skincare this AM, I ended up touching my undereyes around 11 AM and it was still hydrated and looked bright.

This cream promises that it "recontours the entire eye area for re-energized skin with visibly fewer wrinkles. Improves the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, under-eye bags, and dullness around the eye area. With continued use, skin appears plumped from within and eyes look bright and fully awake." I can confirm it really works more than any other eye cream I've tried, and that's saying something given I've tried hundreds.

MZ Skin has two separate eye creams. The one that rocked my world is their Depuff and Define Contouring Eye Rescue which is truly out of this world. The most unique element to it is that it has a beautiful sheen to make the under eyes pop instantly. It goes perfectly underneath makeup. 

Medik8 again, similar to MZ Skin, has multiple eye creams and lines. However their Medik8 r-Retinoate Day and Night Eye Serum is impactful out of the gate, and the consistency is beautiful. This has been one of my faves the last few months and I continued reach for it. 

Tata Harper Bio-Barrier Eye Crème has such a gorgeous rich consistency, and leaves the area plumper than before. It truly does wonders almost instantly

U Beauty The Return Eye Concentrate formula is a decadent formulation that absorbs into the skin like butter. In a few third party studies, this eye concentrate showed visible improvement in that under eye darkness and discoloration. The majority also, more importantly, said that they saw improvement in hydration, sagging and crepey looking skin. This to me is the benefit because we want skin to look lifted and hydrated. 

AveSeena Supreme Recontour Eye Concentrate is truly magnificent and the one i was reaching for day and night for weeks. Beautifeye™ is said to visibly lift that upper eye lid and reduce the look of fine lines, dark circles, under eye bags. This formulation had a cooling effect to it, which immediately helps with puffiness, droopiness and those under eye bags (no those bags are not designer, sorry ladies.)

The Honorable Mentions

PCA Skin Vitamin B3 Eye Brightening Cream is super lightweight, and has a  hint of orange and blends beautifully into the skin. It gives instant brightness to darkness under eyes, and the hint of orange is the key here.

Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir has a great metal applicator and the formula absorbs well into the skin. The cooling effect helps puffiness almost immediately, which is a nice bonus.

Elemis Pro Collagen Vitality Eye Cream is a beautiful rich consistency, that feels immediately hydrating but lightweight. It is supremely hydrating and gives that wet under eye look showcasing the nutrition that thin skin under the eyes is receiving.

Maya Chia Eye Achiever Multi-Correction Eye Serum
is the lightest of all, comes out in a metal rollerball and sinks into the skin like a dream. A much thinner consistency than the rest, but effective and filled with nutrients.

Youth to the People Peptides + C Energy Eye Concentrate has a nice consistency and gives an instant glow to the area. It's also a good consistency underneath makeup.

Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydrating Firming Eye Serum has a very light consistency but feels tightening within a few seconds. It's also got a cooling element to it, and the applicator makes it easy to apply with and without fingers.

Beauty of Joseon Revive Eye Serum is a gorgeous consistency and perfect for everyday. It pairs beautifully underneath the makeup, works well throughout the day and is an easy grab day in and day out.

MZ Skin Soothe and Smooth Hyaluronic Eye Brightening Eye Complex is creamy and gives instant hydration. As in as soon as this formula touches the skin, you feel relief and hydration. It's impeccable. It doesn't have that extra glow like the Contour Eye does, but this is massively hydrating too.

Colleen Rothschild Illuminating Tinted Eye Cream
just launched and is a unique formulation given that it's tinted. It looks a lot darker and reddish in hues, but when blended into the skin it really does amazing things for covering blue veins and darkness. I find that my blue veins get tricky to cover, but they did a great job with this formula to really give immediate coverage, perfect underneath makeup but also keep the area hydrated. 

Medik8 just launched their Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye 6, which is made with technology like none other. This one has a light orange color which helps diminish the blue, green and dark under the eyes while also giving that skin much needed hydration. 

Furtuna Skin Face & Eye Serum means we get a multitasker and we love a two-in-1 situation. it’s super lightweight and silky on the skin. The more liquid base of the formula, but just sinks beautifully into the skin.

Did your eye cream make the list?

Is this helpful? What other information do you want to know about eye creams? Feedback is always welcome to help you make the best decision when it comes to the products you invest in and use on your skin.

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Colleen Rothschild Illuminating Eye Cream is a total game-changer! 🌟✨ This little gem is like magic in a jar. The way it brightens up my under-eye area is nothing short of miraculous. The lightweight texture feels so luxurious, and a little goes a long way. I’ve noticed a visible difference in the reduction of dark circles and puffiness. It’s become my go-to secret weapon for looking refreshed, even on the busiest days. Reading through Colleen Rothschild Illuminating Eye Cream Reviews, it’s clear that others are just as enamored with the results. If you’re on the hunt for an eye cream that delivers that radiant, well-rested look, this one’s a winner!

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