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2 Outdoor Furniture Sets to the Perfect Patio

In this shot, Adaleta Avdić is laughing on the Ashley Home Store couch and relaxing with her eyes closed.

2 Outdoor Furniture Sets to the Perfect Patio

August 12, 2020

This post is in collaboration with Ashley Home Store.

We've been huge Ashley HomeStore fan for several years now. When we moved into the house, Ashley HomeStore moved us in. They may as well have tucked us in since they helped with all of the furniture coming in, getting set up and even furniture that got delivered from other vendors. Their delivery team is on point, super helpful and during this pandemic (all will be wearing a mask) but still as helpful as ever. If you want to test a few placements of furniture, you can ask them to move it from one corner to another to see how it looks and sometimes (only if you're lucky) you'll have someone on the crew that's seen enough aesthetical work with the furniture, that they just can't lead you astray and will chime in on placement.

Ashley HomeStore provides beds to kids across the nation through their hope to dream program which you can check out here. The video on the page is a great tool as well.

Ashley Home StoreTucson actively participates locally to provide any kids who need a better sleeping situation, a bed. Their Hope to Dream program is truly inspiring and one of the reasons I continuously love to support them time and time again. If anyone in Southern Arizona fills out an application on the website, it will send an email to the Ashley HomeStore Tucson team and they will fulfill the order, meaning donate a mattress, base, mattress protector, sheets, pillow, and blanket, and deliver it and set it up all as donation with literally zero cost to the family/child receiving it.

On a local level, they are also continuously giving back to the community, and there's truly no shortage of community action amidst senior level staff at Ashley HomeStore Tucson. They were the recipients of the Ashley HomeStore Chairman’s award for their charitable efforts in 2017 and 2019, which is the only Ashley Licensee to have ever won the award twice. 

In a nutshell, when you buy from Ashley HomeStore Tucson (and Sam Levitz locally) they can feel good that the company they are supporting is also actively supporting our community in return!

Major Selling Points

This entire set is light, which makes it really easy to move around and reconfigure in our yard. We're still playing with placement and changing things up day by day, so it's very easy to mix it up.

When it comes to durability, this set we purchased is going to last a long time. When it comes to the quality, other desert owners have mentioned how the collection lasts with minimal care. Leaving it in the sun isn't going to kill it, and the cold doesn't affect it at all which is just a win win when it comes to furniture. 

The grey coloring is weathered and works well with all house styles. It's slightly more brown than grey.

The cushions come off easily (it's a simple on and off) so if you want to store them when you're not using the furniture, that's V easy. The other piece is that the cushion covers are washable, so you can easily unzip and throw them in the wash since spills are bound to happen overtime.

One of the biggest reasons we got this set is because there is space underneath each piece of furniture, which will help substantially when it comes to pack rats. They're a huge problem in Arizona, but especially in our neck of woods.

Clare View Outdoor Dining Table and 6 Chairs

This table is gorgeous, and truly durable. Made with eucalyptus wood, the set includes the dining table, 2 arm chairs (we call them the captains' chairs) with cushions and 4 side chairs with cushions. The cushions easily come on and off, and have adhesive so you can loop the cushion to the back of the chair so they're not flying off on windy days.

This set will comfortably seat 6, and allows for a nice space to eat your meals and entertain guests. Originally we had the table out a ways from the house, but long-term we're thinking we'll keep it in this long stretch of the pavers so you can see the pretty sunset colors in the south. It's great placement facing the south side since the living space will face the mountains in the north.

There is an umbrella feature which is so easily removable and doesn't take away from the table. Since we're in Arizona, the umbrella is an excellent tool to keep the sun off you and your guests from sun up to sundown. If you're planning on mostly entertaining later in the day, the umbrella may not be necessary but I personally like it as a feature because we have a pine tree and having that umbrella helps keep the pine needles off the guests and the table, even if the wind blows. 

Clare View Living Space

When it came to the living space, this was the most important to me since I knew we would spend the most amount of time on this furniture. We had originally discussed this set facing the mountain (which is just a breathtaking view) so knowing the view, sunset color and more would be facing north, I wanted to ensure this furniture was as comfortable as possible.

Clare View Sofa with Cushion

Clare View Lounge Chair with Cushion

Since we committed to the Clare View Dining Set, we stuck with it for the living space. Honestly the couch is my favorite piece of the entire outdoor patio since it is so comfortable. These cushions are incredible, and the couch is a nice spot to lay out and watch the colors in the sky change every night. We debated getting a loveseat, versus two separate chairs, and opted for the separate chairs so if someone doesn't want to be on the couch, they have their own space. Makes for good social distancing at the minute too.

When you buy furniture, what are some specifications you need?

In this photo, Adaleta is looking at her phone and texting while sitting on the Ashley Home Store couch while texting.

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wow this looks SO good and is perfect for the setting!!! we just got a new outdoor set but are now looking for a new outdoor dining set. great suggestion!

I don’t doubt that Ashley Home Store has excellent options and service. They’re one of the nicer furniture companies, for sure. I love the pieces that you chose for this outdoor space. I would love to have a set-up like this at some point in the future!

This looks like the BEST spot to relax after a long day! My back porch hasn’t been touched yet, and it makes me so sad!

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