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2021 Black Friday Sales I’m Actually Shopping

This is a zoomed out photo of the Christmas tree lights, with a present in the front.

2021 Black Friday Sales I’m Actually Shopping

November 17, 2021


I'm not going to sit here and give you a link and code for every sale on the planet. Drives me nuts when other creators do that. Because frankly most stores will be doing a discount of some kind. Whether it's 10, 20, 30, 40 off, etc will vary but what I'm sharing here are the brands I will legitimately be shopping myself. No bullshit. 

*As my attention is piqued by more brands, I will add them into the mix.

Agent Nateur

I've talked about them multiple times, binge bought a lot of products, and enjoyed almost all of them. Some of the deodorants are a fail for me personally, but I'm a sweaty b. If you tend to be sweaty, or smelly, this might not be the best deodorant option but this exact deodorant has worked for me when others have failed massively.

 Not to mention the collagen supplement is the bomb dot com and helped me grow back a lot of my hair almost a year ago. I stocked up on 3 bags last Black Friday. As you probably know if you're here, skincare is my forte, and I've tried thousands of products and have to admit that Agent Nateur's are extremely good. Their facial oil is fantastic, the lactic acid cleanser is gentle but dives deep in the pores and you just can't go wrong with their vitamin C powder. Highly recommend all their skincare.

One day sometime in the future, the hair product they've been collaborating on with Dara for like 59 years will launch (I will be waiting for that day until then) but the products are good and you can't go wrong when it comes to everyone on your list.



I have purchased their products time and time again. This year, they have their bloat latte (a brand spanking new product launch) and I honestly could not be more excited and proud of them. Siff and Nish are just the kindest most humbling people on this planet, and they are killing it. Not to mention the products are a 15/10. Get at least 3 bottles of both Bloat and Calm, and then stock up on the Bloat Latte because are you kidding me? You can never have enough. Insert the TikTok sound "It's never enough, never ever ever."


C & the Moon

There is so much hype around this brand. The body scrub is evidently life changing so we're going to see about that. Not to mention the body oil has been getting a lot of attention too, so I'm adding both to cart. Based on the hype, I'm thinking I may need 2 of each while there's a sale but I haven't decided yet since I don't know what the sale is going to be. All I know is everyone seems to be selling these two products (more popular is the scrub) and seems like a beauty and skincare lover like me has to get my hands on it to review for all of you.


Electric Picks

After meeting MJ in person during my recent trip to New York City, I am even more in love with the brand than I was before. How is that even possible? There's so much love that goes into everything, and I love supporting other creators and female run businesses. Especially when they are super cute and fit my style. Nothing more exciting than receiving a package from EP, so I will be adding to my collection this Black Friday. 

Recently they added rings, which I am in love with. You need all of them, but my favorites are:

This is a close up of Adaleta Avdic's Simply Inulin collection, along with Chaste Berry and electrolytes.

Gangster Chic

Oldie but a goodie for me. I legitimately stocked up on everything a year ago for Black Friday and still have remains from that sale, so I knew I had to wait until Black Friday to get all the goods. Not to mention Ingrid has launched a few new things since then so I will be adding them all to my cart. 


Hotel Lobby Candle

I have no idea what Lindsay and Matt have in store in terms of a discount, given they are sold out of the majority of their candles but I am so excited to see nonetheless because you can never have enough candles. Something about supporting a small business, but also another creator gets me so excited. I really hope you all shop from your favorite creators and those who have given you content that entertained you or helped you throughout the year, some of your hard earned money. Small businesses are the bread and butter of this country, so we have to always make sure to support them and appreciate their hard work.



I shopped from Lulu's for the first time in a long time recently because of the Jo and Kemp collaboration. The high waisted mom jeans, the tight beige dress, the nude sweater. It was all calling my name in all honesty. When it comes to the upcoming sale, I want to keep my eye out and see what all is going to be featured because let's be honest... a girl can never have too many clothes. 

Lux Unfiltered

My favorite self tanner brand. Tan-luxe is my second choice but Lux Unfiltered is my unwavering favorite. Sivan has absolutely killed this formulation and I have tried so many self tanning brands. Curious what their Black Friday sale will include, but if you love anyone on your list, get them the Complete Body Kit


Organic Olivia

Here's the honest truth. I know little to nothing about Olivia, other than she is a KG recommendation. If you follow along on Instagram, I follow a lot of health and advice that comes from Katherine, aka KGMTL, and she always has a glowing review of Olivia's products. Not to mention the packaging is very chic. I do have a supplement graveyard so it might be time to clear some things out before I add new into the mix but hey baby steps.


Ring Concierge

Ring Concierge already announced their Black Friday sale is 25% off. They just opened a storefront with all of their fine jewelry in New York City, on 400 Bleeker which if you know the city is literally prime real estate. Here are the pieces I currently own.

The pieces on my list are always endless, but I'm capping myself (might need to block Aaron from seeing this part of my list so he doesn't bust out a calculator on me):


Spade and Sparrow

Wine is always a good idea, especially from a wine connoisseur. I've tried a few of the varietals over the years, and I'm loving this Wine Club concept. If there's a Black Friday sale, I will be all in on this because who can resist Kaitlyn's charm and boujee ass taste in wine? Not me.


Spiritual Gangster

A brand I discovered a few months ago through Tinx, of course. The activewear is cute, but it is also made to keep you very warm especially in those colder months. Not to mention, they're great at concealing some of the sweat stains due to the fact that the material is a bit thicker. The pink ombre sets are my favorites, and I love them for walking the neighborhood but also lounging around all day. Not to mention if you size down, it really just slims you down and holds it all together. Almost like Spanx if I'm being honest.


The Skinny Confidential

I got the ice roller as soon as it launched. Then there was a discount about 2 seconds after, so now I know to wait for a sale for things I can wait on (sometimes I just don't want to wait months and months) but in some cases it makes sense to do so since even if I got the ice roller sooner than later, it still takes a bit of time to make it a habit. With the recent launch of the face shaver, I knew I had to have it because it's pink duh but I am waiting for the sale to get my hands on it.

What's your favorite sale happening?

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Love this post! You’ve got me hooked on Ingrids Inulin.. helps so much with my gut health! I’ve even started the Ashwagandha, love it! Electric Picks has the best quality jewelry! Loving those rings you linked.. I may need those too! So many great recommendations here!!!

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