3 Effective Ways to Promote Calm

3 Effective Ways to Promote Calm

May 14, 2020

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Plain Jane.

Given the current climate in the world, we are all a bit more stressed now (some of us more than before) and I think a lot of it is due to inconvenience, uncertainty, and just a complete shift in how we live life. Truthfully, I was already working from home before, so this isn’t that different for me but it has been a more stressful time than usual. If I’m being honest, I am feeling slightly trapped. It’s silly because I’m not trapped, but it’s kind of how I feel. It’s not that we’ll suffer tremendously if we can’t go to certain places, it’s really the fact that we cannot go to these places. That’s what causes the stress more so than actually not going. It’s basically a child’s mentality. If you tell me I can’t do it, I want to do it even more.

Everyone’s been talking about CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, for a few years now. It’s become more mainstream only recently, and finally less “taboo.” For the longest time, a lot of people were confused (truthfully a lot still are) about how CBD can be so similar to marijuana but not make you high.

This is a flat lay of Plain Jane CBD products, along with some of Adaleta's favorite skincare.


CBD oil, unlike other products derived from the hemp flower, doesn't contain the same level of THC as marijuana (typically has less than 0.3% THC content.) However, different hemp strains can still be beneficial. Growing the right plant takes time and a lot of patience, but Plain Jane has this perfected to an art. If you (like I) you don't want to get the feeling of being high from marijuana but still want relief from anxiety, stress, pain and other ailments, CBD is really going to be key for you. The lower levels of THC in hemp and higher amount of CBD, gives you the benefits of the plant without actually altering your mind. This has always been super important to me, because I personally can’t be productive if there’s a high. I don’t shame anyone, but it just doesn’t work for me. CBD products on the other hand, have been keeping me calm but also helping me with pain since I started my CrossFit journey last summer. There’s a lot of healing power that comes from lots of plants, but hemp has really made a noticeable difference for me. Many people have reported that CBD helped them with pain or inflammation, especially in their joints. The beautiful thing about CBD is that it can help some people who use prescription medications and also help them avoid using higher dosages. 

The FDA has approved drugs to help mitigate the risks of epilepsy which contain CBD so we have solid evidence that CBD does have a lot of soothing and helpful elements to it. As the FDA continues to monitor new uses of CBD and THC, cannabinoids will likely be shown to have a variety of other benefits, too. All decisions to use CBD for chronic pain, as a supplemental dietary product, or pain relief should only do so on doctor's advice since state laws vary on CBD users and products.

Now the beauty of what Plain Jane has done is bring us a product that is typically extremely overpriced, for a reasonable price point. They know the market, they have the suppliers, and they have cut down on the unnecessary markup that a lot of us see on CBD. A bottle of CBD oil should not be $100+. Instead Plain Jane brings it to us for under $30, with a better formula that will actually work. Not to mention, everything is lab tested so you know the exact CBD and THC levels in each product. All of their flower is grown according to mostly organic methods, which means there’s no unnatural chemicals. It all comes from Mother Nature, in the highest quality, at the most reasonable price. It’s really a win win.

The product range is vast but Plain Jane is known for its flower and pre-rolls which make the experience of using CBD so effective and easy. Hemp prerolls retail for $12.99, whereas a 7-pack of CBD Pre-rolled Joints retails for $14.99. Pricing is reasonable and fair, which is why Plain Jane has exploded over the last few years.

This is a close up of the Plain Jane Hemp Flower CBD Joints


If you know anything about me at all, you know I love skincare. It is my favorite passion day in and day out, and therefore, using various products I love or new products I haven’t tried yet, makes me really happy. Whether the product is on my list or not, it helps me calm down and just relax because skincare is super relaxing. Taking care of my skin has been a priority for me for almost a decade, and I’m so glad so many of you have resorted to also doing more skincare, and testing out new routines, during this weird time. We all have no excuses now when it comes to the 10 step skincare routine. You have the time, and you can find products for reasonable prices.

Here’s the trick. Make your bathroom a spa-like experience. Pull your hair back, cleanse your skin, and pop on a nice mask. Pour a little wine, add some CBD into the mix, and just relax. Skincare is really indulgent for me because I know it is good for my body, but it’s also excellent for my mental health, because it feels good to take care of myself. Your skin is likely just as stressed and anxious as you are, so make sure to take care of it. 

I’ve included a few of my favorite skincare products below, in case you’re looking to add some things into your routine. 

Working Out

Don’t get it twisted. I don’t like working out. I just know I have to do it. We all do. It’s important for our bodies to move, and not be stagnant all day everyday. In case you want a little workout buddy, you can always log into Instagram and watch my “at home workout” highlight because I’ve been sharing some of my workouts. I’m no fitness trainer, that’s for sure, but sometimes sit helps to have someone to do the workouts with even if they’re miserable. 

The best part about CBD is that it is super effective for pain, and since I do CrossFit workouts I am constantly in some kind of pain. Whether it’s lactic acid build-up, pulling something or just plain old tired and sore muscles, CBD has helped me with every single part of it. 

When it comes to workouts though, your body will be releasing endorphins which helps tremendously with your mental health, and how you will feel later in the day. This will help promote calm, and working out also helps get rid of negative energy. From my experience, I go into a workout in a bad mood (because I am about to work out) and then I feel great after I’m done. It’s like an instant mood switch.

What’s your favorite way to calm and destress nowadays?

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I haven’t used any CBD products yet honestly. The reason is that the market is so saturated, I’m not sure what’s great quality and what is not. Plain Jane looks like it is trustworthy. I am looking into it now! Thanks for the recommendation!

Working out consistently always helps me reduce stress and anxiety. I’ve just started to incorporate CBD oil into my routine as needed!

I’ve heard so many benefits to CBD and I have yet to try any of the products available. I’m so interested! Thank you for sharing! xoxo, Sarah

I had no clue that CBD joints were even a thing. I mean… I know you can smoke weed, but I didn’t realize there was a way to smoke CBD haha! Fascinating. I’m not one to shy away from flower, but it’s cool to know this is an option if a high isn’t preferred. And I love your other methods of promoting calm as well. So helpful to keep in mind!

Didn’t know you can smoke CBD…never heard of this line, but it’s so interesting! Sounds like it would be helpful for many! xoxo, Sarah

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