3 Important Lessons if you Follow Influencers

This is a photo of Adaleta twirling her Lorna Luxe x In The Style dress, and the sky is the view in the background.
Life isn't all yachts and rosé, but some people really want you to think it is. 

Everything you see on someone's picture perfect feed is just that; a feed. It is not their everyday real life. Sure we all want to share our highs, but every single person has their lows. For some reason, people seem to think influencers and celebrities just have the most amazing lives. Listen, I'm not saying that the Kardashians' lives aren't perfect, but they also have their highs and lows. Just like everyone else. Take all the magical nonsense you see, with a grain of salt. Instagram is everything instagrammable that you can think and imagine, but it does not mean it is what life is always like. It's only one sliver.

Everything you see on someone's picture perfect feed is just that; a feed.

Most of the products aren't as great as they're made out to be. 

Any influencer who isn't a true product expert (think fashion influencer speaking on skincare brands) really can't be 100% trusted with their recommendations. At the end of the day if you're not tirelessly sampling consistencies, formulations, reading and educating yourself on the benefits of various ingredients, you can't be 100% trusted on your skincare thoughts. Heck, I'm learning something new within the skincare realm on a daily basis. With "influence" comes a lot of responsibility to share the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. However, that's not the case for most of the influencers I see. They are sharing half the truth, not the whole truth and they're doing it for money. Some of the girls currently sharing a certain "magical hair growth" product are saying it'll magically grow your hair back, but they're not showing their results. Instead they are focusing in on results from someone else. Likely they're not even consuming the product themselves, but to show before and afters from the brand, or one of their friends, is the epitome of a half truth. Also every shirt and pair of shorts you wear for the gram cannot be the "comfiest ever." How does no one ever call that out? At this point, I thik most of you do know that influencers tend to wear something for 5 minutes and then take it off. You knew that right? Therefore, many of them have no real spectrum on if it's comfy or not. Wearing anything for 5 minutes to snap a photo is comfortable. 

Don't be quite so quick to judge.

Just as I mentioned earlier, take content with a grain of salt because it is not the entire story of someone's day to day. The same can be said on the flip side. Don't jump down someone's throat, or be quick to tear them apart if you don't have all the facts. Oftentimes, people see one piece and then call someone out so they're required to give a play by play on something they said or did. It's not always so black and white, so while we should hold people accountable, we also need to give them grace since most of the time we don't know every single detail in their life. True, sometimes it doesn't mater what the details are based on the action but in many cases people go ballistic over something miniscule. I know we've all been stuck at home for months now but giving people a little grace is a decent thing, and it insures we don't put our foot in our mouth yeah?

What's something you've learned after following influencers?
This is a close up shot of Adaleta Avdić, from the ground, twirling her In the Style x Lorna Luxe dress.

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