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3 Reasons I’m a Morning Person

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3 Reasons I’m a Morning Person

July 17, 2022


I'm not sure if being a morning person, and being a Monday person are synonymous (let me know) but I love mornings and Mondays. Why? What could possess me to like those two things? Well I love fresh starts. And the morning (and Mondays) are two variations of fresh starts. One signifies the start of a new work week, and the other signifies the start of a new day. 

I have the most energy in the mornings.

Pregnant (which I am currently as I write this in July of 2022) or not, I always have the most energy in the mornings. That pip in my step is present for the first few hours and it starts to dissolve as the day goes on. It might be cohesive with the fact that coffee, which is currently my favorite part of the day given I can't drink, also gives me a massive boost of energy and gets me excited for mornings. For whatever reason, some people have the belief that they're most productive at nighttime. Or they feel their "creativity" and productivity sparks then, but that is certainly not me. My energy diminishes as the day goes on. Perhaps others are their most creative when they're exhausted, but when it comes to knocking shit off my to do list, I like to get it done so I can get to relaxing and slowing down as the day goes on. 

There's less distractions.

Since the majority of people wake up, make coffee, make breakfast, and then head into work or to their work from home stations, getting a jumpstart on the majority really gives a bit of an advantage. Recently I couldn't sleep past 3:30 AM, so I decided to get up and get to cranking out emails so they were all responded to before anyone got into the office (even coast coast people) which I personally consider a win. I also find that the earlier you shoot things out, there's a chance the receiving party could potentially get it done that day, without letting another day or two go by. Not to mention, there's an element of peace when you're up early and most of the world isn't yet. Along with the fresh mind and all that energy, it's almost like you're 3+ times more productive then. Ringing a bell for anyone? Still just me? 


I find it helps with my anxiety.

I can't speak for everyone's anxiety, or issues, but for me being the slightly OCD "I want to get shit done ASAP" type of person that I am, it's super helpful to get up early and get things out of my head. The sooner I'm up and clearheaded, the more I can accomplish. Oh I had a load of laundry to do? Get it going in the washer. Forgot to run the dishwasher last night? Turn it on now. Easy tasks like this come to mind in the morning when you're trying to set yourself up for the best day, and you want to knock off more in your day the earlier it is. As the day goes on, you start to tell yourself "well it's already X time, I'll do it tomorrow." This means the earlier I get up, the more I can (typically) accomplish which is a huge win with long to-do lists. 

Are you a morning person? Or absolutely not?

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