3 Step Skincare Routine with Simple

This is a close up of me opening the makeup removing wipes from Simple Skincare.

3 Step Skincare Routine with Simple

November 12, 2018

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Simple Skincare.

Whenever it comes to skincare, I am a fiend. I am guilty of having a bathroom full of tons of products. Some I use every single day, and others I use from time to time. Ever since I got into skincare many years ago, I have leaned to Simple Skincare for a reliable regimen. There was always a nice allure to the brand, with no harsh chemicals or ingredients which definitely made me a lot happier to apply the products to my face.

Typically, I am the girl with a 10 step skincare routine but other times I think it’s so important to just use products sparingly. I have a lot of friends (and so many of you!) who cannot get used to using so many products on your skin. When it comes to 5+ products, you just want to throw up your hands in defeat because it definitely does become a lot. This is why this 3 step routine from Simple is ideal for those who don’t want to use a lot of products on their face, but do want to have clean and healthy skin.

I have made this confession many times before, but when I was in college, I didn’t wash my face every night. Unfortunately I slept in that makeup. It’s horrific to think about, and I envy those younger than me who have the proper information they need in order to avoid those mistakes in their college and teen years. Nowadays, I want to remove the outside layer of my skin. This is why I start with a makeup removing wipe every single day because I treat it as the first line of defense when it comes to removing the dirty ness. The Simple Micellar Facial Wipes get the makeup off with one wipe, which is super efficient. When it comes to the second step, I love using the Simple Micellar Face Gel Wash to ensure all the makeup is off my skin. The consistency of the gel works so well, and I enjoy the cleansing element. Once I feel my skin is cleansed, I like to pop on the Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer which helps my skin, especially this time of year. The texture of the moisturizer is on the medium side, which (if you have ever read my reviews before) is the best. Not too thick and suffocating, and not too thin and greasy. The perfect combination.

This is a close up of the Simple Skincare 3 Step Routine

When it comes to Simple Skincare, it has genuinely never caused issues for my skin, and for that, I know I can always turn to this 3 step routine to get my skin to a reliable spot. I also love that 3 products can get my skin to a healthy place, and this is the perfect routine for the girl on the go.

What’s your efficient skincare routine?


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This seems like a great and easy routine. I love simple and effective routines…

Xx, Nailil

Same! 3 step routine is totally doable for everyone given it’s a quick one. Normally I go with 10+ steps and lots of products, but sometimes you just need the quick routine just to get you through the night, especially if you’re busy and have kids, a side hustle, etc! x

Simple is so affordable, and available in all the drugstores. It’s super easy to get your hands on and a simple 3 step routine is totally doable for anyone! x

You can grab them easily at any drugstore or a Walmart. They’re in every store, and I just love the simple 3 steps! x

Micellar wipes work perfectly as a first step to your skincare routine. Love using them to remove that top layer of makeup! x

I’ve always been a little bit lost when it comes to Skincare – I never know what to use! This sounds amazing, definitely going to try it out. Thank you!

They work so well, and they’re so easy to get your hands on since you can find them at any drugstore or a Walmart or Target ;)! x

Yes! I love these micellar wipes, and I’ve been using them for years. They are a great first step to the skincare routine at night! x

Such an easy routine, I’ll have to check out this brand!