3 Ways to Declutter Your Lipstick Collection

This is a close up shot of Adaleta Avdic's arm, with various lipstick swatches.

3 Ways to Declutter Your Lipstick Collection

August 8, 2020

This weekend I spent HOURS attempting to go through the thousands of products in my office, to organize them a bit more.  Over the last few years (and in particular the last year) I do feel I've gotten a lot of brands' lip products. It seems like every single beauty brand has had some form of lip product released. Have you noticed this too?  Lips on lips on lips.

With all of that said, here's a few tips for clearing out that lipstick collection. I know you have lipsticks in there that you are 150% NOT using, so spare me the details. Let's clear out the collection and leave you with the gems.

This is a close up of Adaleta Avdic's lipstick collection in 2020.

Check expiration dates

When it comes to a lot of my lipsticks, I know they're old (I'm talking 2+ years old) and the majority of them have a shelf life of 6-12 months. If it's a creamier lipstick, it typically has a shorter shelf life in comparison to a matte. Go through your lipsticks and try to figure out the timeframe on many of them. If you think you bought them in 2015 or 2016, DEFINITELY throw them away. Depending on their lifespan and if you bought them in 2018 and on, double check and see if they're still good or not. For me personally, I get rid of beauty that is expired since I don't want to risk it getting me sick but I know a lot of people think beauty expiration dates (especially for things like a blush or highlight) are silly, but I just don't want to make myself sick by using an old product. Especially when I can very easily just snag the newest one that's not expired. Ya know what I mean?

Swatch each lippie

Legit spent a good two hours swatching. I realized I like a very FEW specific shades of pink, and then some red and purpley hues. However, this means it made it pretty easy to remove the colors that just don't fit into my day to day, which is basically every other color of the rainbow. Browns, taupes, neons, etc. It's hard to find a scheme especially when it comes to school fashiuon.

Get rid of what you don't use

As I went through the lipstick collection, there were A LOT I had not used in a long time. I'm horrible at getting rid of products (can you tell?) but I did remove the ones I would literally never use and haven't used in a while. Lots of browns and eclectic colors that just didn't make sense for me personally, but might for a friend or family member. There's also a few brands that I do not use (regularly) so I just got rid of them. Makes it easier to cleanse if you know you're not going to be reaching for the brand. Anyone else have their go-to brands? Along with their CODE RED brands (aka the ones you do not want to use)? It's important to have both.

Are you clearing out your lip products regularly?