3 Ways to Increase Collagen in the Skin

Holding Flow Hydration, Adaleta Avdic is staying hydrated post workout with her water.

3 Ways to Increase Collagen in the Skin

August 4, 2020

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Flow.

It’s no secret that as we age, our skin is not producing collagen to the same level as it was before. Jokingly I’ve mentioned that once we pass 25, it’s all downhill for us, and when it comes to collagen, that is definitely true. All jokes aside, collagen production is something to focus our efforts on long-term . A baby’s skin is plump, elastic, soft and just seems to have that natural blush. As we age, all of that elasticity starts to break down.

Today I'm sharing 3 major ways I increase collagen in my skin and body.

Jade Rolling in the AM

Each morning I wake up, I notice my skin is a bit puffy. This is really why I find using a jade roller (which is quite literally you rolling a jade stone over your skin) not only relaxing, but stimulating. 

A little insider tip: pop it in the fridge overnight so it’s nice and cool when you run it over your skin in the AM. That cool feeling is going to help depuff the skin more than the jade roller at room temperature + it feels amazing in the middle of the summer. A jade roller promotes circulation which gives the nice healthy flush to the skin. This in turn can help produce collagen production (source: Harper's Bazaar).

Adaleta Avdic is using a jade roller in the morning to get collagen pumping in her skin.

Drink collagen water

I drink Flow Collagen Infused Spring Water (in a multitude of flavors) midday because I believe ingesting collagen is one of the most effective ways to get collagen into the system. A lot of people tend to go for collagen powders, collagen protein bars and other forms but Flow Hydration is a water company that has figured out how to put 10g of collagen protein into a delicious water. It’s not chalky, and the taste is a 10/10. My favorite flavor is the cucumber, but grapefruit is super refreshing too- plus it has zero sugar, sweeteners, or juice which is pretty incredible.

The best part for the environment? It is 100% recyclable and made up of 75% renewable materials. Not to mention they are B Corp Certified, which is a huge honor and only given to 2,225 corporations worldwide. Their commitment to sustainability is really something all corporations should be striving for, and I couldn’t be more excited to partner with them and share their new collagen water with you.

Use a facial steamer to open up the pores.

As the day winds down, I’m looking for ways to relax and destress in the evenings. Insert my 10+ step skincare routine. It becomes Spa Ada past 9 PM, and I get all of my serums and tools out. After cleansing the skin, I whip out my steamer, and allow that steam to hit my face for a couple of minutes. It is really relaxing and has the ability to make my skin feel so much more hydrated. However, on the flip side steaming helps to really open the pores and allow the products you put on after to get deeper into the skin. Slightly damp skin is recommended for applying serums, and I typically begin with a collagen topical serum. While ingesting collagen will have more benefits to the entirety of your body, the skin’s topical collagen is going to allow collagen to soak directly into your epidermis.

In this photo, Adaleta Avdic is holding her facial steamer to her face to get a nice stream of steam to open up her pores.

What’s your favorite way to increase collagen?