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4 Artwork Pieces That Changed Our Home

This is a photo in the back closet at Carly Quinn Designs, featuring a vast assortment of paint color.

4 Artwork Pieces That Changed Our Home

June 2, 2021

This post is in partnership with Carly Quinn Designs.

Ever since we moved into our house (almost 3 years ago now) I have become completely obsessed with home decor. When it comes to the overall design of our house, it’s a lot of grey and brown tiling which kind of fed the rest of the original home decor. 

With Aaron being a Tucson native, he loves everything that is inspired by the desert and also adds a little color to the house. Insert Carly Quinn Designs, who focuses on a lot of Sonoran Desert designs while incorporating beautiful tile murals into the mix. There is a lot of color and design that works perfectly with the house. 

Here’s the deal with everything made by Carly. Her work is hand glazed and made in her shop in downtown Tucson. It’s an adorable location, and her and her teams are pumping out the pieces like clockwork. There are options to do existing designs but also the option to do custom ones if you want something very specific (think tiling for a pool or a fountain.) Since these are not mass produced pieces (they are little works of art that have individual characteristics) every single one is going to have a little bit of character.

Hedgehog Blooms on Terra Cotta

This piece fit perfectly right by our front door, and really worked really well right above our Madagascar plant, which is a great tip for decor. If you’re looking to add a bit of color, try to add the pieces where there’s a lot of monotone colors. Outside our home, there’s just the red brick with the Madagascar plant in front so this piece fit beautifully into the mix. Ties it all together if you ask me. When that morning light hits the front door, this piece looks even more stunning with the reflection of the golden light. 

This is a hand glazed tile mural framed made ready to hang. These tiles have been set and grouted into a sealed metal frame, and we feel comfortable with them being outside even in the excruciating heat that Tucson endures. The quality of the metal frames is nice but it is also really sturdy. The approximate weight is 9 lbs so a lot easier to hang since the weight is no issue.

This is a aesthetics shot of the front door of our home, featuring a Hedehog Bloom on Terra Cota.

Desert Scene

Our favorite piece of the collection was one that we had a special spot for right by the front walkway. When it came to this particular piece of art, we loved how this desert scene mimicked the backyard Aaron has worked hard to create. It’s a desert oasis, and this scene is perfect for the art by the entryway. It is a hand glazed tile mural which comes framed and ready to hang, making it super easy for you as the customer to get this hung inside or outside your home. It was tricky getting this piece on the wall because it weighs 36 lbs. Leveling something a little bit heavier can be a bit of a  challenge, especially without scraping the wall behind it but we managed to get it done quickly, and this piece just completely changes the entryway.

Hummingbird with White Flowers

Since we wanted to incorporate one of the well known 6x6 pieces into the house, we choose one of the tiles with a hummingbird. Side note but my best friend Kelly has one of these are a few years ago, and it is in incredible shape so we knew we wanted one of these for our mantel. This one went right above our fireplace because it gives the area a nice pop of color, and looks fantastic due to the teal (which brings in hues from our TV console and a dresser which are an antique teal color.) If you’re looking to slowly incorporate some artwork into the house, this would be a great start.

Framed House Numbers White Talavera

The final item we added to the home was a house number sign to the mailbox. When it comes to Carly, this is one of her most popular purchases from customers because everyone needs house numbers. The metal framing alongside the additional characters (in our case it was hummingbirds on either side of the numbers) were absolutely gorgeous and really well done. These are going to see the most weather since we placed one sign on either side of our mailbox so delivery drivers can see coming up the street and once they round the corner at the end of the street. As these survive the excruciating direct sunlight, rain (monsoon seasons in the late summer) and more, I will keep you posted on the finish.

About Carly Quinn

Let’s share a bit more about Carly and her background, since I know we are all a little nosy and want to know about the incredible artist behind the beautiful artwork that really just brings a house to life. Carly began working in tile in 2005 under a local Tucson artist while in college and after 3 years working for a tile company, she decided to become an entrepreneur and pursued her own side business and took Carly Quinn Designs to the next level

She works with other designers in Arizona to create custom limited edition specialty tile lines, custom countertops, back splashes and other various tiles for commercial & residential installation. If we ever get a spool (spa pool mix) I would love to have a small backdrop done by Carly. Some of her work has been a backsplash on the various pools in town, but even better her tiles can be found in lots of galleries throughout the Southwest.

The best part is that she can shipwide nationwide, and her work has gained a national audience. It’s not just us Tucsonians shopping her pieces.  When we visited her downtown studio, the shipments were going all over the country. There were orders packed and ready for shipment going to Dallas, Nashville, Santa Fe, Burlington, and so many more.

This Pinterest perfect pin showcasing multiple facets to Carly Quinn Designs, a handcrafted tile mural artist, located in Tucson, AZ.

When it comes to decorating around the house, what kind of artwork do you like to incorporate into the mix?

This post was in partnership with Carly Quinn Designs. Take a look at her shop and see if this gorgeous Sonoran Desert style can be incorporated into your home.

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These pieces are absolutely astonishing. As a Tucson native myself this artwork really stands out to me! It compliments your house so perfectly 😍 I’m obsessed!

Such a fun post. All those pieces look amazing in your home. I’ll need to check out her studio in person too! All the items you linked are so affordable for handmade heavy duty art! Love it.

All of these pieces are absolutely stunning. They compliment your home so perfectly with all of the decor ! Loveee!

Oh my goodness gracious, these pieces are absolutely breathtaking! My husband and I are hoping to purchase a home soon and I know I’ll be doing tons of decor shopping once we’re settled in the new place. I’ll definitely be coming back to this post because I just adore the style of these Carly Quinn Designs!

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