4 Benefits of Ice Rolling

This is a close up of Adaleta Avdic holding The Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Roller which showcases how ergonomic the tool is.

4 Benefits of Ice Rolling

April 22, 2021

Tired of hearing about ice rolling? It seems like everyone says it's great for you, but what are the actual benefits of putting freezer burned spoons under your eyes? Or buying a legitimate ice roller? What's the big deal? I'm going to dive you a few of the claims, but also a bit of my own personal experience. Let's dive in because I was once a skeptical about this too.

The Benefits

Depuffing (or reduction of swelling) is one of the biggest benefits of ice rolling. This is why you want to grab that ice ice out of your freezer first thing when you're still waking up. Multitask and make your cup of coffee, but grab your ice roller out of the freezer at the same time. I've always found this bite of cold on the skin is really invigorating first thing, and definitely wakes your ass off. Not to mention your face is puffy after 8+ hours of sleep, so applying that cold roller is going to depuff the skin efficiently, but it will also reduce swelling throughout the day. As we get into the hot months here in Arizona, I will be ice rolling 2+ times a day because midday when it's 110 degrees out, an ice roller is the perfect way to cool down the skin and give you that breath of life.

Along with depuffing, ice rolling over time can help with tightening the skin. The motion helps get the collagen flowing in the skin, and as collagen production naturally diminishes over time, activities like ice rolling help to stimulate the skin and that collagen production to really give you a boost. I'm all about giving your body the tools it needs to function better on its own. Facial massaging (including ice rolling obvs) is a great way to stimulate the skin and give yourself a mini facial workout.

Rubbing ice cubes has been said to help facilitate blood circulation which then in turn helps encourage cell function which is beneficial long-term as well. As you can see a lot of the effects aren't instant or immediate (most good things aren't) and it really takes the repetitive use of ice rolling on the regular to help bring these results to light.

Pro tip: add a few drops of facial oil to the roller itself to make the experience even more luxurious. Or use after serum application to push the serums deeper into the skin.

When it comes to lymphatic drainage, there's a lot that comes from facial massaging specifically but combining the ice roller with some facial massaging is going to be a good way to really stimulate that drainage too. When it comes to the face, you do want to roll up and out (upwards and outwards) as we don't want to spend time pulling the face down. Gravity does that enough for us. In the few minutes you ice roll, make sure you're going upwards with the roller. When it comes to the drainage piece, as you massage down your neck, you do want to do a downwards motion to promote all that drainage to go down the neck and out your body essentially. Kristin, founder of Nourishe, showed us how to do a facial massage in a live just a few weeks ago. She saved that live to the Nourishe IGTV tab, so we can reference it long-term here. Doing your own facial massage consistently is going to help tremendously, alongside with the ice rolling.

There are claims that ice rolling makes pores smaller, but I've never found that to be the case with me specifically. These pores are huge and there's no denying that. However I do find that my skin is softer and smoother to the touch after a little morning ice rolling. Almost like you gave the skin a bit of a mini surface exfoliation.

The Verdict

I like the cooling sensation of ice rolling and I can see that it depuffs my skin quickly. It's the perfect way to cool the skin down in the middle of that summer heat, but also helps with swelling. I notice if I have something super salty, or if the heat is affecting my skin, doing a quick ice roll is the perfect solution. If you're looking for a cheap alternative, just throw two spoons in the freezer and use those under the eyes in the AM (and run them over the skin.)

There's lots of options when it comes to the ice roller, but this one specifically is from The Skinny Confidential. It's a super legit version, and definitely doesn't compare to any I've tried from Amazon. Having said that, it doesn't mean you can't rock the spoons, but this is just a super easy and ergonomically correct way to use an ice roller so it's not uncomfortable doing it. Plus this roller stays super cold even without being in the freezer which is super unique in and of itself. 

Do you use an ice roller?

This is a flat lay of the Skinny Confidential Ice Queen Facial Oil.

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I don’t have an “ice” roller, specifically, but I have been using a rose quartz roller for a few years now and it’s a game-changer! I love how it wakes me up, brightens my skin, and I can *immediately* tell the difference in how puffy my face looks. It’s absolutely incredible the difference it can make. I use it after my facial oil and rose spray and my skin loves me for it!!

I keep my rose quartz roller in the freezer and I like to use it after I apply my face products I’m pretty sure it’s helping, my skin looks good and it feels nice to start the day with a mini facial.