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4 CBD Topicals for Pain Relief

This is a collage of all the Plain Jane topical options with CBD.

4 CBD Topicals for Pain Relief

February 9, 2022

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Plain Jane. As always, all opinions and thoughts are honest and my own. I am not a medical doctor or qualified to give any medical advice. This is purely my opinion and experience using these products.

If you’re new around here, let me give you a quick intro to Plain Jane. Aaron and I have been fans for a few years now, and we love their CBD. I was initially introduced to the brand by their joints, which contain 0% THC so they will not give you that high feeling. It’s one of the commonly asked questions even to this day! While CBD comes from a  hemp plant, this plant does not have THC so rest assured there. Over the last few years we tried everything they had in their arsenal. When they launched topicals, I fell in love even more because I love topical CBD creams because I have personally experienced that they absorb some of the pain and discomfort I have especially with how intense my workouts are. 

Over the last few months, they have expanded their topicals to include a few other key items and we had the chance to test them right out of the gate. I love being a guinea pig as you know, and Aaron loves anything and everything CBD so we had two perspectives when it came to the goods. I think this is also helpful when it comes to product reviews. Most of the time we see a female perspective in the beauty world, but I have Aaron testing a lot of the products too which means your significant other could also enjoy the same products. 

There’s nothing quite like a bath. Am I right, or am I right? Using the new bath bombs is therapeutic. Add a glass of wine or your favorite tea, a book and a silenced phone and you can really get some moments of peace. At the moment, you have three options when it comes to scents: ocean, lavender vanilla and eucalyptus mint. Each bath bomb contains ​​250 MG of CBD along with minerals, botanicals, and essential oils. I always add some additional Epsom salts to the mix because I want to make sure to get all the magnesium I can out of a bath, but it’s the perfect reward after a hard workout or a long week. While some of you may find sitting in a bathtub of your own filth a bit much, I promise it’s good for the muscles and relaxing the body so you’ll get the appeal after you sit in there for 30 minutes.

I love CBD lotions, oils, and creams. Anything with CBD served topically is such a relaxing addition, and it’s something I’ve reached for after countless workouts. The thing about the HIIT workouts I do, is that I never feel like I’ve beaten the workout. As you get stronger, you always add more weight which makes it hard every time you workout. Therefore, the soreness never really goes away. Having said that, a luxurious CBD lotion has been a key for me the last few months because it just soothes the muscles while also having a bit of a cooling element on the soreness. With Plain Jane’s Milk and Honey CBD Lotion, you get 500 MG of CBD which not only hydrates the skin and leaves it soft, but also delivers antioxidants and helps give you soft radiant skin. There’s a serious transformation that happens after just a few days, let alone weeks with repeated use. As with everything I preach about beauty and skincare, consistency is key. While you’ll feel some relief immediately after application, a lot of products require consistency to really see results when it comes to hydration and overall health of the skin.

Another lifesaver when it comes to post workout relief is CBD Cool Rapid Relief Roll which includes 500 MG of CBD. This roll-on has a magical cooling effect that does take immediate effect and helps alleviate that tension. I used this for weeks after workouts, and even convinced Aaron to use it especially on days he’s super sore from working outside in the yard. If you’re active, and want an easy application (no rubbing it just a simple swipe) this is perfect for you. It’s also great on the go, because again you don’t need to rub it in or use your hands. You can just swipe the roll-on where ever you feel tension, and badabing badaboom you’ll be feeling a nice cooling sensation in no time.

One of the things I always do before getting into bed is apply some kind of night cream all over my arms and legs. If I feel dry, I just can’t fall asleep so I force myself out to get lathered up because there’s nothing worse than cracked skin. Plain Jane thought of this too, with their CBD Silk Night Cream, which you can use however you want. Either as a luxurious cream for the face, neck and decolletage or for a head to toe skin treatment. I like to lather my elbows and arms lightly (I’m not doing globs and globs of lotion) and then also get my knees and lower legs. If my thighs feel a little dry, I’ll hit them up as well but normally they’re doing okay, so I don’t spend as much time on them. This formulation has one of my favorite ingredients. Jojoba. Which, if you're familiar with, usually comes in the form of jojoba oil. The unique thing about jojoba is that it’s the closest oil to our skin’s own oil so it’s not greasy and overly heavy. Other oils tend to sit on our skin, but jojoba has a tendency to blend in beautifully and you won’t feel it after a few minutes. The same goes for this night cream. It’s the perfect formulation to lather on, and then dip under your sheets into a blissful night’s sleep. 

Have you tried CBD topicals in the past? 

I want to hear your experience with CBD products!

Make sure to head to the Plain Jane site and take a peek at all their options.

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