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4 Daily Supplements to Take

This image features Adaleta's supplements from New Chapter, and a cute pink pill case for the week.

4 Daily Supplements to Take

June 2, 2023


This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by New Chapter. All opinions remain honest and my own.

Over the last five years, I’ve become a supplement junkie. It’s like a lotions and potions situation over here, with whole cabinets and drawers filled with different tinctures, pills, gummies and powders. Whatever the ailment, I have a supplement or solution for it. No seriously. I’ve tried 40+ supplement brands over the last few years. Most were national brands but I’ve even explored further into international supplement brands too. After doing lots of research and reading ingredient breakdowns, seeing where the ingredients come from and then seeing how I feel after taking each brand’s supplements, New Chapter always comes out on top for me. This is a brand I personally pursued last year because I knew you would love diving into them. Specifically for me, their supplements don’t cause gassiness, tummy aches, nausea, etc. On the contrary, they make me feel better and everything just works for my body. Not all brands and not all supplements are going to work for all of us so keep that in mind.

Today’s focus is going to be to break down my daily supplement routine, to its bare bones. While I take more than this, I want to explain that I’m consistent in these specific four because they’re the most important to me and they give me the vitality and energy I need, day to day. 

Adaleta Avdic is holding her New Chapter supplements in her right hand.

My Daily Supplement Breakdown

What’s there to say other than Magnesium + Ashwagandha is my all time favorite. This is the supplement that made me realize how much I loved New Chapter specifically, and why I pursued the brand. I’ve had an interest in ashwagandha for years (not to be confused with Ayahuasca as some have messaged me this confusion in the past). This beautiful combination of magnesium with ashwagandha is relaxing and conducive for a great night’s sleep. 

So here’s the deal. Magnesium is an essential mineral and almost half of Americans are not getting enough. This stat shocked me, but it is caused by poor nutrition from the lack of nutritional foods and our turn to processed foods, decreasing nutrients in our soil, and of course, stress. Magnesium plays a key role in cardiovascular health, blood sugar modulation, DNA repair, energy metabolism, and nerve transmission. Their particular Magnesium also includes that beautiful adaptogenic herb Ashwagandha for added stress support, which is really perfect to help calm me (and you) down. 

Next on the roster, we have a multivitamin. I mean duh! Every Woman™'s One Daily Multivitamin is absolute perfection. You take one daily and I’m sure you’re thinking “what’s so special about this multivitamin?” With so many on the market, it’s hard to figure out the differences. Answer: It is a whole-food fermented multivitamin that maximizes nutrient intake with 20+ vitamins and minerals your body recognizes as food. Your body may not be able to absorb the nutrients because they’re not bioavailable or it’s too much or little of a specific ingredient. With New Chapter, the proportions are right, the absorption is there and your body is able to utilize all the goodness. This is truly a packed pill of goodness, from a brand I love and you can trust.  

All-Flora™ Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies is an incredible addition to your daily flow, quite literally. I’ve always been really comfortable talking about #2 and I think it’s important to realize what’s normal and what isn’t because a lot of the time people think their irregularities are “normal” for them. In reality, irregularities are usually due to a lot of issues with diet and lack of the proper nutrition. Since I’ve tried so many inulins and prebiotic supplements, it’s really important for me to mention right off the bat that this is a prebiotic probiotic mix which is quite unique in the space. Usually you’d get one or the other right? So this approach to include both packs a punch for the gut. As a refresher, here’s the difference between the two. Probiotics help support your digestive system and whole microbiome. Friendly Bacillus coagulans probiotics are activated in the acidic stomach environment, then get right to work in the GI tract to balance your healthy digestion. Prebiotics provide fuel for your natural gut bacteria.

 After trying countless forms of prebiotics and probiotics (inulins, supplements, sodas, etc.) I have found that 95% of those options give me some form of a tummy ache, gas or general discomfort. I have had no issues with these gummies, or any of the probiotic supplements I’ve used and tried from New Chapter in the past. 

Because I’m your skincare bestie, of course I will do anything and everything to improve the outward appearance too. Cue in Hair Skin and Nails as a final step to the routine. This supplement helps to boost that beauty from within. From my conversations with all of you, I find that sometimes the thought process is that topical solutions, like skincare, can somehow magically fix 100% of the issues that can cause skin changes. This isn’t the case, and it’s important to note that alongside genetics, hydration, and overall wellness, taking supplements to soothe the body inside is going to also have an impact on the outside. This supplement has fermented biotin to deeply nourish hair & nails, as well as clinically studied organic Astaxanthin which helps to improve skin elasticity and reduce appearance of fine lines. Yes please! Sign me up.

Ba-bing ba-da-boom! That’s the breakdown of the four main supplements I take each day. I want to hear from you and chat all things supplements because whatever you’re trying to improve, I likely have a solution through a potion of mine.

This Every Woman™'s One Daily Multivitamin is a whole-food fermented multivitamin that maximizes nutrient intake with 20+ vitamins and minerals your body recognizes as food.

What supplements do you take on the daily?

Please visit the New Chapter website, explore all of their offerings (there’s something for literally everyone) and find a regimen for yourself. If you have questions, feel free to direct message them on Instagram as their team is super responsive and can help you find a routine.

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