4 Easy Steps to Improving Acne-Prone Skin

4 Easy Steps to Improving Acne-Prone Skin

July 30, 2020

This post is in collaboration with, and sponsored by Averr Aglow. All opinions, thoughts and reviews are my own. Should you decide to purchase any of the products mentioned in this post, using the code ADA20 will get you 20% off (it is good for the entire site.)

Loving Averr Aglow

With everything going on in the world lately, my skin has been having a tough time. In fact many of you have reached out to me and told me the same. Masks are creating a swampy environment for your skin, and the general stress of everything that has been happening is coming out on our skin. I haven't had acne in years (truly) so the fact that I have breakouts often now just tells me I am stressed and definitely feeling some kind of way on the inside. Anxiety and stress are no joke. The best thing about skincare is that it is definitely possible to help correct or mitigate some of the issues, and I've personally found incredible results with Averr Aglow. Keep in mind I've been using the brand for well over 3 months now, and I've tried the entire luminous kit.

With any routine, cleansing the skin and making sure all the gunk is off, is going to be key. In Averr Aglow's Luminous Clear Skin Kit, you will get a Clarifying Hydration Dew which is going to be the first step in the routine. You want to hydrate the skin, get it nice and damp, and then begin your routine. This not only feels incredible, but there are so many benefits including soothing redness, reducing inflammation (yes please) and also balancing oily or dry skin. Not to mention it's super refreshing and hydrating, especially in the dead of summer right now. 

Pro tip: your skin absorbs more product (which means more of the benefits) when it is slightly damp.

After you've done a few spritzes, grab a cotton pad and soak it with the Radiant Cleansing Nectar. You will run this cotton pad all over the skin. Use one side to get the initial gunk off, but then use the second side once you feel you've gotten a lot of that top layer. Don't be too grossed out to see the cotton pad turn brown or black, even when you have no makeup on because I was surprised by that. It really cleanses the skin, but doesn't have the messiness of water. You can leave this formula on your skin (no need to wash it off) because it has major benefits. On top of removing dead skin and makeup, it can help to minimize appearance of scars and helps to fight off bad bacteria. Total win.

Pro tip: your skin absorbs more product (which means more of the benefits) when it is slightly damp.

After your skin is nice and cleansed, you'll take a fresh cotton pad and apply a bit of toner to it. Since the toner is black, you won't see too much gunk on this pad, but this is one of my favorite parts. This toner helps to do a bit of a "double cleanse" situation, balances oils while at the same time really helps to minimize pores. We love an instant effect don't we? Among the benefits, this toner will reduce blackheads (heck yes!) while also helping to eliminate breakouts and reducing dark circles.

For my nighttime routine, I slather the Clear Skin Elixir all over my skin. You can apply this all over the skin, and the pink clay will help breakouts and blemishes heal overnight. Pink clay is not new to the market, especially when it comes to blemishes. However something that is clean and doesn't include toxic ingredients is very much new. When it comes down to it, this elixir will help to heal and prevent future breakouts. It will also help to reduce hormonal acne (this is a huge win especially during these times). With the healing of hormonal acne, the ingredients come together to also help fade scars and marks while also evening out the complexion. 

Code ADA20 will get you 20% off the entire Averr Aglow site.

Truly the star of the show (and of this kit) is the Flawless Nourishment Cream. Its formulation is unlike anything else I've seen on the market. It comes in a thicker bead-like consistency but as you rub the beads into the skin, they burst into a super hydrating and creamy consistency that just beautifully blends deep into the pores. This is by far my favorite product from Averr Aglow, and it makes skin instantly look youthful, glowy and dewy. If you have to pick just one item to get from the brand, this is the one. The little black spatula that comes alongside it, helps to scoop a pea-sized amount because a little goes a long way.

What's your favorite product when it comes to blemishes?

**Please note using the code ADA20 will get you 20% off the entire Averr Aglow site.

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My skin is more on the normal side but these products sound promising for those with the concern! xoxo, Sarah

Thankfully I have never had to deal with acne, but this will be an incredible resource for those who do!

I don’t have a favorite, because none of them seem to work! 🙁 I will definitely be trying these products though!

These sound like great products! You have beautiful skin, it looks so clear and healthy! Xx.

*cries* I wish more natural brands would consider people with allergies. I am so disappointed, because after reading this review, I went to check out their products – and two of them have avocado and apple, which I’m super allergic to 🙁 I was SO hopeful that I’d be able to make a purchase. However, I’ll have to deep dive into some of their other items and see if some of them work for me. They sound really unique and helpful! And my acne has been flaring like nobody’s business lately.

I’ve never heard of these products but they sound amazing! Plus I’m all about a brand with beautiful packaging!

This is all such great information, I didn’t know that my skin was more absorbent when damp, but that makes a ton of sense. Also, I love your product shots, these look so pretty and make me want to like shift skincare aesthetic to match these haha.