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4 Instagram Worthy Spots in LA

4 Instagram Worthy Spots in LA

August 2, 2021


Even though I grew up in the South Bay (Redondo Beach specifically) it always feels like I'm such a tourist when I visit to see my family. I wanted to share a few cute spots that my friend Lillian took us to during a day we shot in Hollywood, but also a few other spots I hit up during my time. For me, LA is always a nice mix of mostly work (which I love and never feels like work) but also a little play. Here's a few spots you can hit up for some good photo opps and maybe a sushi roll or two. 

Wabi on Rose

If you love a pink aesthetic like I do, this is the spot for you. Now if you like sushi, edamame, steamed buns and all of those goods, you're about to be in heaven. While the aesthetic is the reason we went, the food was unbelievable and the reason we would go back time and time again. 

I met my friend and colleague Jessyca around 1 PM on a Friday afternoon and surprisingly it was not super busy. Outdoor seating was perfect given it was shaded and the weather was gorgeous. Our waitress was really nice, but she wasn't 100% knowledgeable about the menu. In a few instances she mentioned she hadn't tried a lot of the items we were asking about so she couldn't speak to the taste or recommend one over another which isn't ideal of course. During my days as a waitress, the restaurant made you taste test everything so you could speak to the flavors and describe it to someone asking. 

Cleanliness, the vibe, friendliness, location, the kitchen and everything else was excellent so 5/5 would recommend.


Might seem a little cliche or overdone, but the coffee snobs in LA know what's up. This was the best oat milk latte I've ever had, and it was easy to drink even after 5 PM (and TBH I am not a late afternoon coffee girl.)

Not to mention the aesthetic is on point, especially in Alfred's Tea (specific tea drinks) in comparison to Alfred's which is the original coffee shop. Matcha, Boba, all the tea options in Alfred's Tea so whether you're a tea or coffee person, you will find a delicious drink at Alfred's. 

Customer service was great in Hollywood, at both locations, but so was the speediness of receiving the drinks. Tea was quick (and Lillian took one for the team and ordered a Boba after having multiple coffees.) The girl can drink caffeine like it's her job, and honestly I stayed up until almost 2 AM that night because I had coffee so late. 

This is a photo of Tom Ford store on Rodeo Drive.

Rodeo Drive

Another potentially cliche spot, but Rodeo Drive is an oldie but a goodie. So many options when it comes to photoshoots, and there's some seriously good shopping. We popped into Prada because I was on the hunt for the brighter pink color in a bag I do already have (luckily they did not have it but I was close). Lots of cute coffee shops and restaurants to snag some food, and murals to take photos in front of. Very much a trendy hotspot with lots of options.

1 Hotel Hollywood

After staying in the Central Park 1 Hotel a few years ago during a Kiehl's press trip, I haven't been able to get the hotel out of my mind. First of all, it smells incredible inside. There is nothing like the gorgeous interior of 1 Hotel and the Hollywood location did not disappoint in the slightest. Interior and exterior were ready for photos. There is also an incredible photo opportunity on the rooftop where you can see all of downtown LA and the neighboring cities. Truly breathtaking and if you have clear skies, you can see it all.

What's your favorite aesthetically pleasing spot in LA?

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Oh man this post is making me miss LA! I can’t wait to visit post-covid world! I love Alfred’s, I go pretty much every morning when Im in LA haha!

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