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4 Items Currently Trending

4 Items Currently Trending

June 16, 2020

I'm not usually one to care too much about trends, but for the last couple of months I've been following a couple trends in fashion and beauty that I think will be the next big thing. So what's trending? Let's dive into the top 4 trends I've seen.

Crochet (Tops)

I say tops because I haven't seen any bottoms (pants or shorts) that seem to be in this crochet style, but who knows maybe that's next? I have seen a lot of tops and beach cover-ups with this crochet style, like this one. Not to mention Lorna Luxe had a crochet piece in last summer's collection, and her most recent one too. While crochet may seem like something for the colder months, I've seen this style have a lot of holes so it's very breathable, and not warm. It's perfect to throw on over a bathing suit top, or a cute lace bra.

Tie Dye

Now that we're all out of stay at home orders, do you think people will continue to tie dye? I do. I've seen so many cute patterns, ombré tie dye, fun tie dye nails (remember mine?) so I think the trend is here to stay. At least for a little while longer, and I'm here for it. One of my best friend's daughters ended up making me the cutest pink and white tie dye shirt, and I've been wearing it non-stop.



I know what you're thinking. Anklets? When did those come back? Consider yourself informed, because they're making a comeback. I started to see girls wearing the cloth (threaded) style a while back but the trend is coming back in a boujee way. With gold jewelry so popular right now, Europe has seen a spike of quality anklets, like the one you see pictured here on Nicole Ballardini. Her collection from Boutique Minimaliste has been a huge hitter with her audience, and Lorna (her BFF) has been rocking her anklet for months now. As soon as this anklet came in stock the last two times, it sold out in just a few minutes. Don't worry, I got one this last time so after I receive it and get a pedicure, you'll definitely see me rocking this new style of anklet. 

Insider Tip: You can use a bracelet you have as an anklet too, depending on sizing. You don't necessarily how to buy an anklet, but they do tend to be a bit longer since wrists on average are a bit smaller. Some of the Boutique Minimaliste's collection has bracelets that I can certainly rock at anklets, and many other stores are the same. This could also give you the chance to check your jewelry collection and see if there's an anklet option that you may already have.

Sun Drops

I've been talking about these for a while. Barbara Sturm coined the term "sun drops" but really when I say sun drops, I mean a lightweight sunscreen consistency that is applied as drops and not gobs and gobs of thick cream. "Normal" sunscreens have a tendency to clog pores because their formulation tends to be too thick for the skin. One tip I've shared in a few of my past Instagram stories is that if you have a thicker sunscreen you want to use, run a bit of it between your hands to break apart the consistency and make it less thick. Basically dilute the sunscreen between your fingers, and apply a light consistency. 

What are some trends you've been seeing?

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I’m definitely into the tie-dye trend and crochet tops right now, especially during summer! While anklets are so cute, I can’t say that I’d ever wear them enough sadly.

I’ve been seeing a lot of tie dye, which I don’t mind! Crochet is another big one which I saw a lot of at NYFW the last season. Xo

Love the tie dye trend! I hope it continues and I have loved anklets for awhile so it’s nice to know they are now on trend! Lol

Tie dye seems to be the most popular trend I’ve seen lately – and loungewear! It’s fun to see how people style each of the trends, whether it’s in the fashion or beauty category.

Being from Austin, tie dye is a way of life lol. Although I’ve never worn it, I love it. Also, I’m totally here for the anklet trend.

I’m a little late reading this post but I think it’s still relevant. My niece tye dyes everything and sells it at markets, everything from scarves to bathing suits, she does the coolest designs for women, men and children. I have been on the anklet bandwagon for years, as soon as it’s sandal season my anklets, toe rings and foot jewelry come out on display. My husband even compliments me and he doesn’t notice anything! I have a crocheted top and it is so versatile and really adds interest to outfits I wouldn’t hesitate getting one in another color.

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