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4 Products That Transform Winter Skin

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4 Products That Transform Winter Skin

January 29, 2022

Over the last few weeks, my skin has hit quite a wall. The cold is not to be taken lightly if we're being honest. The products you used in the summertime are no longer going to work, since our skin has different needs now so it's important to shift to the new needs and really address your skin differently. Oftentimes people get complacent with their products, and they stop working. Skincare, just like your diet, your schedule, what activities you do seasonally, they're all an ever changing things.

1. Image Skincare VITAL C hydrating facial cleanser // Over the last few months, I've been incorporating more and more products from Image Skincare. I wish I had used more of their products initially but because we're always inundated with so many it's hard to pick and choose what to use consistently and commit to it. Something about this vitamin C range really screamed out to me, and I now have this particular cleanser in our master shower and use it every day. I find it cleanses the skin beautifully, and very gently but it really gives you a super clean. 

2. Youth To The People Triple Peptide + Cactus Hydrating + Firming Oasis Serum // Having a hydrating serum is key to ensuring moisture retention is up to par. This one in particular is gentle enough for the under eye area, but can be used all over the face. This gives you a little two-in-one situation. 

3. Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream // This is an old school solution, but one of the most hydrating creams ever known to the skincare market. Not to mention it's so reasonably priced. Using it too often on the face may result in breakouts (sometimes it does for me) but it's really a great product for getting the hydration back to my skin and fixing any cracked areas. Sadly even the beauty fanatics get cracked skin in the cold winter months. Imagine if I lived on the east coast, yikes!

4. Sunday Riley U.F.O. Salicylic Acid BHA Acne Treatment Face Oil // Salicylic Acid is a known to help prevent and cure existing acne, and this has been such a lifesaver for me. In the winter, our skin gets extremely dry. In turn, it begins to create its own oils which are not ideal because they tend to cause breakouts. With seasonal changes, stress, and changes in hormones, this all aggravates the skin, and salicylic helps to aid in this. It's also very hydrating, and I love having oils on my face. Make sure to apply at the end of your routine (it goes on after the moisturizer.)  

What products are saving you this winter?

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