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4 Simple Ways to Decorate a Space

This is an image of a collage wall using the pink Tezza collage kit, to decorate an office wall.

4 Simple Ways to Decorate a Space

August 20, 2020

When it comes to decorating a space, there's so many ways you can liven it up. I'm all about ease and efficiency, because I can't be too bothered. I want it to be chic, and I want it to be fairly simple. I personally can't be bothered (nor do I have the time) to spend day and weeks on decor. That's my personal preference. So here's 4 ways we easily decorate a space. 

Build a collage wall

My collage kit came from Tezza (you know I love supporting other influencers, especially when they're so creative and thoughtful with their work) but you can make a collage wall of almost anything. You can build it with your own photos, fun prints you find on Etsy, or even a wall of black and white artwork that's framed. There's so many ways to make it fun and chic, so you just have to decide what style you're looking to achieve, and layer it up on the wall. 

Add a plant (or five)

One of the easiest ways to liven up a space is to add some greenery. We have a money tree in one corner, and we got a Madagascar plant in another. Throughout the house, we have smaller plants (some cacti, a mint plant, a gardenia, etc.) Something about adding a few plants makes the space feel more cozy, and it's cool to have something living in your house. If you're bad about watering, make sure to get the lower maintenance plants. A nursery's staff will usually give you a few recommendations based on what you're looking for, or you can always grab a plant at Trader Joe's.

Add a full length mirror

While we do live in a selfie age, a full length mirror always adds a little chic to every room with little to no effort. We have one in our living room, and then I have three in my office which gives me a little closet corner for try-on hauls. This silver design is really sleek, and it goes well with almost all home decor since it is super simple. 

String LED lights

I'm a huge fan of fairy lights, and they're so inexpensive from Amazon and Target. Aaron ended up installing some fun lighting on our outdoor patio (along the perimeter of the house) and it really looks chic and gives the house an additional feature. Not to mention lighting is very practical and gives you light, while also being a feature. Easy peasy.

What are some easy ways you decorate a space?

This is a horizontal capture of Adaleta Avdić's office, featuring a pink Tezza collage kit.

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Your collage kit turned out so great! I’ve been considering buying one of these from Tezza for literal years. Still hasn’t happened, buuut maybe it will soon! This definitely inspires me. I usually use fake plants, pillows, and diffusers/non-soy candles to cheer up a space!

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