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4 Things I’m Obsessed With at the Moment

In this photo, there's a cup of coffee alongside a piece of banana bread next to some magazine.

4 Things I’m Obsessed With at the Moment

December 5, 2021


We all go through phases where we obsess over shit. A notebook. A snack. A recipe. A style of coffee. Whatever it is, it varies for all of us, so I wanted to give you a list of 4 things I'm obsessing with lately. 

Janet Evanovich 

If you like reading books, you may have heard her name over the years. I started reading her Stephanie Plum series 10-15 years ago (not even exaggerating.) I think the first book was written in 1998. and I was obsessed in my early reading days. It was a long time since I caught up on the series, so I decided to start the series over and I'm now re-addicted. Cannot recommend the Stephanie Plum series more, and I actually laugh out loud reading some of the jokes because they are right up my alley. 


Also while we're on the topic, I'm kind of obsessed with my Kindle. Just a little. Okay, okay. Maybe a lot.

The new one has:

•a bigger screen
•warmth settings (helps a lot for nighttime) 💡
•softer touch screen making page turning easier
•feels grippier (so my butterfingers drop it less)
•better battery life (trust me i’m on this thing for hours a day)
•it’s waterproof 💦
•less of the ink flash (IYKYK)

The cons in comparison to the old are:

•only offered in black ATM so no fun colors
•its almost the Oasis but not quite

Dirty Coconut Perfume

A clean perfume. Who would have thought there was one that actually smelled good and didn't have toxic ingredients or wasteful packaging? Honestly we've come a long way. During the Sephora sale, I decided to get a travel size version and now I'm regretting not getting the large size because I am going through this travel size like it's water!

The key notes on this fragrance are Cedar, Vanillin, Coconut Water. 

Hotel Lobby Candles

These candles are so damn good, they're basically all sold out. You can get their Island Candle and the Wick Trimmer at the moment, but the rest are gone! I was not playing games when holiday launched because I got 2 of each scent immediately. If you want to stay up to date, I'll keep you posted on restock alerts on Instagram. Most of the time I don't even light them, and they still smell incredible. Soy wax (so the cleanest wax for candles) made in the US. 

What are some of your favorite things at the moment?

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