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4 Tips for How to Accessorize

This is a fun Polaroid edit of Adaleta Avdic's summer look rocking Hannah B Jewelry.

4 Tips for How to Accessorize

August 23, 2021


It's no secret that some of the styles from the 90s and early 2000s are back. Especially when it comes to jewelry, which is exactly why I've been rocking so many bracelets all summer. I do love rings too, but they get tricky to put on and take off so consistently when it comes to the gym, so I've been keeping on necklaces and bracelets on a pretty consistent basis.

This post is in collaboration with and mention of Hannah B Jewelry in this post is sponsored. All opinions remain my own. 

Mix and match

That's the biggest key to making an arm candy stack is mixing and matching different styles and different bracelets. If you do the same bracelet x 10, it's not only repetitive but it then gives no main focal point on the arm. Frankly it's also boring, and we don't have time to be boring. Think a rope chain bracelet, a dainty link bracelet, a tennis bracelet, maybe a star bracelet, and of course throw in a thin little evil eye situation. You could add some thin beads into the mix. Or really any other style you're eyeing. Did I mention it is okay to even mix metals? Mixing gold and silver is a thing nowadays. I tend to focus mainly on gold bracelets, but I have some that are half and half. This gives a bit more ease when it comes to mixing and matching because now you can mix either or, and not focus on much on the specific metal. Our parents used to only rock one or the other. 

My Hannah B Jewelry Selects

Enamel Smiley Face Huggies (in pink for me). These really remind me of the early 2000s because smiley faces were everywhere. Not that they're not still prominent, but this style is very much early 2000s timeframe. Not to mention ear cuffs are back and better than ever. The Star and Moon Ear Cuff.

The bracelet I've been wearing non-stop (it goes to the gym with me and everything for real for real) is the Flower Power Pearl Bracelet

Cutest piece and probably my favorite is the necklace. This one is really fun, and called the Orange and Smiley Pearl Necklace. My necklace has little teddy bears on it too which is the Summer Bear Necklace.

We're bringing back butterflies, which I am very much here for. The Double Butterfly Ring is adjustable for any ring size, and really classes up the finger. 

Hair clips are also available, including this Gold Rectangular Hair Clip which has gold specks within it.

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Switch it up seasonally

Every season, there's new trends that make more sense for the weather. We see this shift every couple of months because with temperature changes and inclusion or removal of specific pieces, it makes sense to go with daintier lighter jewelry. Or bring out the big guns. Summer means a lot less clothes. Ankles and legs are out. People are sweating. You don't want chunky jewelry on you so typically thinner more classic and simple pieces get worn a lot. Also insert the anklets. Nothing cuter than an anklet. Especially with some fun sneakers. In the winter time, we have chunky thick sweaters on, so the dainty jewelry is going to be completely covered up. This is why we tend to see more chunky necklaces and bracelets so there's some distinction between the jewelry and the heavier clothing. 

Follow trends (when you like them)

Goes without saying, but only if you like the trends, engage with them. For me personally, I do enjoy trending items. The more and more I see them, the more I psychologically want something from the trend. Not to mention when it comes to the pearls, the teddy bears, smiley faces and butterflies, it really reminds me of my early childhood. Who else had butterfly clips in their hair?

Over the last few years, we've seen some classic trends (dainty gold pieces) come from more and more jewelry brands. Then we saw a shift to these childhood styles. Rumor is that every few decades styles come back. Just hoping with all my heart that low rise jeans never make a comeback. Personally I'm not a fan of bell bottoms either, but anything is better than low rise. This trend of smiley faces, pearls, bright fun charms (think bright colored flower charms) is definitely a blast from the past but it's a trend now. And let's be real, I am here for it

Get creative

My staple has been to do arm candy on my left arm, and switch it up with various styles and bracelets. On my right arm, I usually just do one bracelet so it's not arm candy on both. Something about too much if both arms have 5-10 bracelets each, but that's just me. Find your own style and comfort, and make it your own. Whatever works for you and your style, and makes you happy is what's most important. Accessories are mainly for us. Sure there's a little trendiness to it, but really it's for us to look at and see so do it to make yourself happy.

What's your favorite piece pictured above?

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