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5 (Easy) Beauty Routines You May be Overlooking

This image showcases a metal tray with beauty products, over the bath tub.

5 (Easy) Beauty Routines You May be Overlooking

May 16, 2022


Taking care of yourself shouldn't be super complicated or require a professional appointment every time. As I was in the shower using various products, I realized that a lot of people don't do simple beauty routines at home that can really elevate self esteem but also the health of your body. I'm going to walk through them and how easily you can add this your day to day.


With the abundance of incredible sugar scrubs in the market, it's no wonder I'm constantly scrubbing my body from head to toe. My all-time favorite one is C and the Moon, and this has been a highly mentioned and popular scrub, made in southern California. You can grab it directly from their site, or you can just easily add it to your Amazon cart. Whatever works best for you, but I will say scrubbing isn't as complicated and messy as it seems. My perception was I would make a mess using coffee and thick scrubs, they'd clog my tub drain, get globbed on the sides of the bathtub. After using scrubs consistently (especially the clean ones I go for), I truly haven't had any issues. On the contrary, I was able to exfoliate and then rehydrate the skin because the C and the Moon Scrub really leaves a silky smooth and hydrating layer on the skin. You feel baby soft skin when you step outside the shower, especially if you shaved. When something feels luxurious, smooth and clean, it's going to boost your mood and mental health. Everyone likes smooth skin, and it's so much easier to achieve than we think!

Remove Calluses: This isn't super sexy to talk about, but there's nothing that makes you feel quite so refreshed and breezy than soft feet, ok? We buy this foot file every year or so (because it gets dull with a lot of use) and it's a game changer. Nothing can kill the vibe faster than a dry ass heel that scrapes on the couch while you're cuddling up with your significant other watching a movie. It makes you feel sexy, and smooth feet are just an instant confidence booster.

Bathing: Taking a bath always seems like a chore. Fill up the tub, throw in the bath salts and some flowers, lay in it, bring a beverage of some kind, "relax" and then empty the tub, etc. While it might seem like a waste of water, or a lot of work, it's actually extremely healing and so relaxing for sore muscles and your body overall. If you've been backed up, experiencing muscle soreness, headaches, etc it can really help. Not to mention it softens the skin, and depending on the bath products you use, it can really nourish the skin. Pro tip: always make sure to throw in some generic bath salts with magnesium because it is a super element that can help tremendously with various ailments.

Ice Rolling

If you get puffy (or are pregnant like I am currently) ice rolling is going to not only soothe the face, but also help alleviate some of that pressure and puffiness. We've broken down some of the major benefits of ice rolling in a previous post, which you can visit here. It's an easy, simple tactic that makes a huge difference immediately while also making you feel better physically given the drainage and relief that's happening when you slide that ice roller up and down your face. Lots of options on Amazon, but my ride of die is The Skinny Confidential one because it's the heavy duty one that makes the difference in experiences, and results. Throw it in the freezer, use in the AM, wash it off with some water, dry and place back in the freezer. 


A face mask helps tremendously and is one of the easiest self care tasks to do every day, if you wanted to. I used to tell myself it was a whole situation to put a mask on, wait for it to dry and then have to take it all off. From beginning to end, you could do it in 20-30 minutes or if you want to get the full benefits of a mask, keep it on for longer. While it's sitting on your face, you can do so much of your usual routine. Laptop work, reading a book, folding laundry, the dishes, the list goes on and on. In addition, I've had a thing for overnight masks (deep hydration.) Here's a few of my favorites:

Which of these beauty routines are you adding into your day to day?

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Adaleta, This post really speaks to me. The pandemic has brought so much stress into ours lives that I started making sure I was taking care of myself so that I can be there for my family. Making sure that you are ok is the first step in finding control in times like this. Sometimes it is just 5 minutes and that is all it takes to set the mood for the whole day. Especially for women as we feel that we have to take care of everyone else first and our needs end up pushed aside. I do masks weekly, I moisturize my body daily, I have numerous facial care tools that I use daily. This I am sure along with my extensive daily and evening facial routines has helped me keep a youthful complexion which has led many people to mistake me for someone much younger. It does pay off to take care of yourself.

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