5 Ways Blogging Changed my Life

I am looking straight at the camera with a more serious smile rocking a Balzac Paris top, with Kut from the Kloth shorts.

5 Ways Blogging Changed my Life

July 17, 2018

There's so many things (both good and bad) that have come from becoming a blogger 5 1/2 years ago. Some of the best moments in my life so far have happened while blogging or as a result of the blog or social media. It is a new way of being an entrepreneur. On a complete side note, I love this top from Balzac Paris. It's unique for my style, but I loved rocking something different from the usual. 


I never thought I could make "internet friends" but it happened. When you pour your heart to the internet, someone will pick up what you're writing and you'll find your heart in someone else. Over the years, I've met a lot of incredible women online and they have truly moved me, grown me and made me appreciate being social online so much more than I ever could have imagined. Tonya, one of my best friends today, is someone I met online 3 years ago. We've only hung out in person twice but we're eachother's bridesmaids and we are the best of friends. When it comes to business, she always brings me up and vice versa. There's no one I'd rather have on my side when it comes to life. She will fight for her loved ones and always makes it a point to do anything she can to help her family and friends. She would give the shirt off her back to give it to someone she loved. Truly an amazing woman, who lives in D.C. and one I never would have met if I had not started blogging. I always talk about Tonya, but there's so many amazing women that I talk to regularly about life, Instagram algorithm changes, brand collaborations, my day and so forth. The community we've built is incredible. 


When it comes to my social life, it is slim. Mainly because I work all the time. Between my 9-5, and the blogging, I didn't have much time for my relationship. Aaron has been such a champ, and found other things to do including help me take photos, update my shop page and just generally be an amazing person who supports all my crazy ideas. Through this incredible blogging journey, he has been nothing but supportive which has meant the world to me given I need absolutely all the help I can get. Both physical and emotional. Some days are not easy when I'm trying to finish 3 deadlines for the blog and I have a deadline for corporate. It's just a lot of  stress and pressure at times. I'm not always so poised. I get frazzled, I get down and I need to be picked back up occasionally. Nothing like having an amazing partner who can do this for you over and over, and continuously support you and understand the stress and struggle of working two full-time jobs. This entire journey has brought us so much closer together, and it's made me realize how truly incredible he is. Trust me, it's not a walk in the park every day, but it's more happiness than I could have ever imagined. 


This entire adventure has helped me gain so much confidence in myself. I didn't realize all the things I could accomplish on my own, until I started hiring help with invoicing, pitching and general management. Adding various people to my team has made my content more professional, but it really makes me appreciate when I was filming myself, taking my own photos, invoicing brands, collecting money, pitching myself and so forth. Trying to do everything teaches you a lot about yourself, and I've realized I can be confident and I'm a powerful individual. I did it all by myself for years, so I know I can persevere.


Whether you understand it or not, blogging is a career. It is a job. A business. Not the typical 9-5 in an office, but it is a job. It's helped me build my resume to add so many more skills, and it's also helped me realize a lot about how I can improve in my corporate job. When you start understanding the ins and outs of a business, you really understand your own boss a bit more. Some of the nonsense someone told me at one point, makes a lot of sense now that I have to manage people and manage my business's budget. Expanding my horizons, teaching me how to run my own business and be a good leader has all come from having my own business. The life lessons I've learned over the last few years is not something they could have taught me in business school. It needs to be learned from experience, and not from a textbook. That's my perspective at least. 


Without sounding cheesy, blogging has changed my fitness routine and my health. I am so much more conscientious of products because I read all about them from my favorite influencers. Anytime I see 23476374 bloggers talk about a specific supplement or product, I have to do some research and figure out if it's right for me. There's so much false information out there, so I need to double check, but having influencers' opinions about a lot of these various brands is super helpful to me especially when I find influencers I really trust like The Skinny Confidential. I didn't realize I needed mushroom supplements, vitamins or anything until I read about it on Instagram. It's incredible how much influence can be had via social media, but it's one of the reasons I know to do certain things with my skincare and my health. Before, we just trusted a doctor and had no one else's opinion, but nowadays we can ask for advice and hear from hundreds of people's experiences. 

This is a close up of me smiling in a gorgeous white tunic top from Balzac Paris, while sitting in a park in Portland Oregon.

If you're a blogger, how has your life been changed for the positive? And if you're not a blogger, how has reading blogs positively affected you? I'd love to know!