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5 Ways to Get Your Skin Back After Travel

When traveling, it’s easy to get caught up in your trip schedule. You have a thousand things to do and only so much time. Somewhere in that hectic mess your skin care just goes out the window, leaving your face to fend for itself. Once you get home and finally have a moment for your skin, you find your skin has seen better times and needs a little extra care to get back that natural glow. Check out this list for 5 ways to get your skin back in its prime.

1. Use a Scrub

The low-humidity environment of an airplane cabin can suck the moisture right out of your skin. This is why exfoliating helps get rid of any dry skin and dead skin cells that have accumulated. Avoid scrubs with natural grains, like walnut husks or apricot kernels, as they may be too sharp and aggravate the skin further. Opt for something with jojoba beads, which are natural and biodegradable beads made from jojoba oil. Polyethylene microbeads cause plastic particle water pollution, pose a threat to animals in the water and also humans who consume seafood so it’s best to avoid plastic microbeads at all cost. You can make a natural scrub using Turkish wheat, flour and honey. This scrub is gentle and moisturizes while getting rid of dead skin. 

Joe Scrub

2. Take it Easy

If your skin is having a hard time, it’s a good idea for you to give it a break and steer clear of any products with irritating ingredients. Wash with a sulfate free soap and avoid anything that is drying to your skin. Stay away from peels because you want your skin to be healthy, not just appear healthy. If you have a dermatologist you see regularly, ask them about any products that they might recommend to get your skin back on track. Limit bath or shower time as prolonged exposure to hot water removes the natural oils from your skin. If you can stand the temperature change, try using warm water instead of hot water. After your shower, blot or pat dry instead of rubbing. Opt for fragrance free products when it comes to your face because the majority of irritations caused by products are due to added fragrances. 


3. Blot Your Skin

For those with oily skin, being exposed to drying conditions just means the skin produces even more oil to compensate. Using a tissue or oil absorbing blot sheets is a great way to clear up excess oil before you wash your face or begin your regular skin regimen. Oil blot sheets are pretty compact and you can take them with you wherever you go. If you feel that your face is shinier than usual, if you’ve been sweating profusely or if you’ve been exposed to drying weather, just grab a sheet and gently wipe up any excess oil. For sensitive skin there are blot papers with green tea to provide anti-inflammatory benefits and plenty of blot papers can be used once makeup is already applied. 

4. Protect Your Skin from Sun 

Even if your skin isn’t already sun damaged from your travels, avoiding the rays is a good idea until your skin is back on track. Use a sunscreen and apply generously and often. If wearing makeup, you can find BB creams or foundations with SPF. Your lips also need protection from the sun so find a lip balm with SPF and moisturizing properties to keep this sensitive skin safe. Avoid direct sunlight from 10 AM to 2 PM when the rays are strongest and try to stay in shady areas. You can even find laundry detergent with additives to protect you from UV rays as your clothes will shield you from the sun and the detergent gives their protective powers a little boost. 

Protect your Skin from Sun

5. Eat Healthy and Hydrate

Occasionally when we travel, eating well drops pretty far down on our list of priorities. It can be easy to forget just how important a balanced diet really is to the health of your skin. Avoid fried and greasy foods and opt for lighter fare such as leafy greens and fruits. Water is one of the most underrated skin care products and staying hydrated is paramount to healthy skin. Be sure you’re getting the daily recommended intake of water and do your best to avoid sugary drinks that can dehydrate you. Dehydration makes your skin look dry and wrinkled, but being properly hydrated keeps your skin happy. 


After weeks of traveling you can have healthy and beautiful skin without resorting to drastic measures. With a few simple steps your skin will be back on track and ready to shine in no time

What post travel skin routine do you practice?

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