5 Ways to Have Better Sex

In this photo, I am sitting on a pool bench while letting white sand get the rest of me in Scottsdale, Arizona.

5 Ways to Have Better Sex

May 23, 2018

Ooooh la la. I decided to get a little risque with my content because I wanted to get things hot up in here! Why just cut it at beauty and makeup when I can bring up the sauciest topic on the planet? When it comes down to it, I want to keep these topics a little unpredictable and I want to open up about a lot more than just what you've seen in the past. Who's excited? **Mom, if you happen to be reading this blog post, exit now and never open this post again. The next post will be better for you. I promise - xx, your daughter


During my early 20s, I went through a stage in college where I was extremely unhealthy. I felt super heavy, I didn't work out. I drank a lot, ate a ton of fried food and was overall unhealthy. When I was in that state, it was hard for me to feel sexy. There was something about the fact that I felt groggy and bloated that just made me feel unsexy. This type of mental state plays a huge role on sex. If I don't feel comfortable with myself, I certainly don't want to be trying to feel sexy and rub my body on anyone else. 

I have noticed that working out is seriously one of the best feelings in the world. The dopamine does wonders for my mind and puts me in a good mood. Every time I work out, I feel happy for no particular reason. I highly recommend staying consistent with a workout routine because this will definitely help the sex drive. If you feel fit and comfortable, you'll want to rock the bed. Trusttt.

This is a photo of me sitting at the beach pool at the Scottsdale Fairmont Princess, showcasing a gorgeous summer dress.


Whether you're 20, 35, 45 or 65, lube is a good idea. First off, any man you are dating or with long-term, should not make you feel like it's going to be a water faucet every single time any intimacy happens. We're dehydrated, we just took a shower, our genetics, we're not turned on, etc. etc. etc. If you need lube, this is not something to be embarrassed about and honestly we should all just use it. Lube makes things a lot easier for both men and women. Several people have told me that spit is the best lube, and I wholeheartedly disagree. Listen, that shit dries up and it is stanky if someone didn't scrub every crevice of their mouth. I'm not a fan of this method. If you find an awesome lube, stick to it.

I have been testing a recent hack, and it's coconut oil. We know all the amazing things coconut oil can do, including being a face oil, hair mask, dandruff solution and so much more. What you may not have known is that coconut oil can also be used as lubricant. If you buy a big bottle of organic coconut oil, grab a few teaspoons, microwave for 20 seconds and you're good to go. It's the perfect fun oil

What you may not have known is that coconut oil can be used as lubricant.


If we did the exact same thing every single day, it's inevitable that we'd get bored. This is the same when it comes to sex. If you do the exact same thing for several years, it's going to get stale and repetitive. This is where you have to take into consideration playing. This means either adding some foreplay, or using some toys to keep things interesting. It could mean a slew of things, but these are the ones coming to mind for me.

Whatever you wanted to try and test out, this is the time. If you can do this in a respectful and fun manner, then even better!

Teach Eachother.

When it comes to learning how to make the other tick (in a good way), you have to teach eachother. There's a lot of methods that work for one person, but have no effect on another. Not to mention, it's important to keep in mind that men are aroused easily and often. Women are harder to manage in all regards, so it's important to do a little research. Women think long and hard about how they feel and then they can be aroused. This is one of the biggest differences between men and women. If a man feels ready to go, he just wants to get on with it. However, a women wants the foreplay and wants to be coerced into the sentiment. It's due to different biology, but it makes a big difference when it comes to the relationship. Being mindful of your partner's needs is crucial to a relationship.

If you don't like a specific thing your partner does, it's ideal to let them know in a respectful manner. The same thing goes for if you want to let them know when something is great and you'd like to have them to do it over and over. Teach eachother what the other likes. This will only help your relationship. 


The biggest piece in any relationship is the communication. This goes hand in hand with my mention of teaching eachother too. When it comes down to it, communication is the most important things in any friendship or relationship, mainly because if you choose to have someone in your life, you need to communicate regularly. Being a part of a group (whether it's just your partner and you) is something so powerful and it makes you feel like you're on a team. This is so important to us, and we like to be on the same page or involved in the same thought. When it comes to dinner, or anything else in the relationship. When it comes to sex, you have to be open and honest. If you prefer something different, if something doesn't feel right (list goes on and on), make sure you communicate that. Being involved in sex should be fun and all, but you definitely should not feel like you're uncomfortable, unhappy or just miserable for being in a specific situation. This is why I like to be open-minded, but also communicative when it comes down to it. No matter how shy your personality is, you have to vocalize feelings to a partner. 

This is a photo of me walking at the Scottsdale Fairmont Princess, showcasing a gorgeous summer dress.

What's your best advice when it comes to sex?

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