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5 Ways to Stay Inspired

This is a photo of me sitting on the front end of a yellow cab in New York City.

5 Ways to Stay Inspired

April 30, 2018

As my content continues to evolve over time, many people ask me how I stay inspired. Not to mention I work 24/7 and sometimes you just get burnt out, right? I wanted to chat about how I have found inspiration, even though my home isn't Pinterest worthy, Tucson isn't a big city with big lights, and there's not a lot of other bloggers in town to bounce ideas off of at any given point. I make do!

Work with Talented Colleagues

For me, working with and being surrounded by talented people is one of the best ways to kickstart my creativity. The photographers I have worked with recently are so incredibly talented, and have blown my past content out of the water. I thought a year ago my photos were good quality, but it just keeps getting better and better. The last three photographers I've worked with are my absolute favorite ones so far, and I've worked with so many!




When the photographer can provide some true creative direction (Dominic and Tavio's specialty) it helps me switch up the style, my hand movement and the concept from outfit to outfit. Not every outfit post needs to look virtually the same and when the photographer can give you that direction, it really helps switch things up to produce varying content in one day.

Go to a coffee shop

Seems simple enough, but for some reason, this has really helped me hone in on my thoughts. When you're one amongst others and you're not at home, this helps feed your mind to produce content a little quicker. Sometimes when I am at home, I spend all day with my laptop on my lap, but I am watching TV, having a conversation, checking out Instagram and the list goes on and on. 

Heading out will help, along with hearing snippets of conversations which can help spark a memory or a particular thought that could be relevant in your work. Sometimes the best way to get work done is to get lost in a crowd and see what sticks out. 




This may seem like an odd ball, but it's definitely a good one for clearing the mind and making your body feel a little better. I get lethargic and so uninspired if I haven't got a good sweat in for a few days. Those endorphins need to flow through your body, and the best way to make it happen is to get a good workout in. I've spoken to so many people and doing a 30 minute walk, or just a light jog helps. We're always stimulated by devices, whether it's a laptop or a phone, so breaking away from the device, being outside and getting that fresh air into your body, is just so incredibly important. 

Be perceptive

Oftentimes people are not mindful and they do not recognize various elements of their day. People are not mindful when driving, they're not mindful when grocery shopping and the list goes on and one. Being perceptive and aware of surroundings will not only make you less annoying to those around you, but it will also help stir more creativity. The more you notice what's around you, the more likely you will find inspiration in something around you. 

Make Time for Yourself

I love to run a bath, light my favorite candle, grab a glass of wine and then scroll endlessly through Instagram. This is the best definition of "me time" because I like to relax and just enjoy beautiful content. In order to stay inspired, you need to have time for yourself. Whatever it is that makes you happy, make sure you incorporate that into your weekly routine because all work and no play, is likely going to cause burn out.

This is me attempting to hail a cab in New York City.

What's your trick for staying inspired?