5 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin for Free

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5 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin for Free

July 23, 2020

Lots of people seem to think skincare costs a lot of money. I mean if you've never spent money on products for your skin, then yes it is quite expensive because it's a new expense to you. However, there's a lot of ways you can improve your skincare without having to add to your cart. Some of these may sound like common sense, and some may be new. Let's dive in.

Water, water, water.

We've all been told to drink a lot of water for our vital organs, and this is very true. It's also important to drink loads of water for your skin. In order for it to stay hydrated, you need water. How much water?

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined that an adequate daily fluid intake is:

About 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids for men
About 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women

Source: Mayo Clinic

What's the deal with pillowcases?

While silk pillowcases may help prevent wrinkles, you also slip and slide off of them which has woken me up quite abruptly in the middle of the night before. I'm personally not a fan because I don't like to slip and slide in my dreams, but we do wash our pillowcases often. Don't forget to do this on the regular, and perhaps even flip your pillowcases every night.

Roll the d(ice)

Wow, cheesy right? I've finally gotten into more regular ice rolling (I have one like this) but you can put a large spoon in the freezer, and use that in the morning. Lots of benefits to ice rolling that I'm not only seeing, but also feeling when it comes to the skin. If you'd like a full post on the benefits, do let me know. 

Sanitize things that touch your pretty mug.

Disinfect your phone at least once a day. If you have a house phone (do you?) make sure to do that too if you're using it constantly. Especially with Covid in the air, and you touching things you don't even realize, it's a good idea to just sanitize constantly. I touch my phone more than anything else. It's basically an extension of my arm, so I sanitize once a day.

Steam helps open the pores.

Why does that matter? Open pores help your serums absorb deeper into the skin. I have a facial steamer, but you can always take a quick shower before bed (I'd recommend this one way or another since you don't want to go into your sheets stanky) and just do your skincare once you're out of the shower. That hot shower will open up those pores. If you don't want to pop in the shower, you can always use a facial mist of some sort because slightly damp skin (whether it's water) or a facial mist, also helps to absorb your products a little better. Don't drench your skin, just dampen it a bit.

What skincare secrets do you have that cost $0?

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These are awesome tips! I try to make sure I disinfect my phone throughout the week and love my vegan silk pillowcase. One of my free tips is to eat foods that are good-for-skin– spinach, kale, berries, etc. Thanks for sharing these tips!

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about silk pillowcases and wonder if they are worth the hype!

I use my rose quartz roller every single day and I love how it helps with inflammation and redness. I don’t know of many tips that are free, aside from drinking water, but I like your list here!

I always forget to sanitize my phone and its probably the dirtiest thing in my life!

these are SUCH great tips and I already do some of them!! i have always heard great things about the silk pillowcase but haven’t ever tried it!

I’m a devoted facial steamer user for a long time…and more recently started using an ice roller. Both have been such a treat for my skin. Great tips! xoxo, Sarah

great tips! I got an ice roller at the start of quarantine and oh my gosh I dont know how my skin lasted so long without it! Its the best!