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5 Ways to Take Self Care to the Next Level

This is a close up of the Ayam Beauty makeup removing wipes, with some beautiful pink flowers as a prop to the side.

5 Ways to Take Self Care to the Next Level

January 31, 2021

This post is in collaboration with Ayam Beauty. All opinions and thoughts are honest and my own.

When it comes to a little self care action, there’s a lot of ways you can take it to the next level. We’ve all got just a little more time on our hands right? So why not use that time to benefit your mind and body? I love self care and doing a lengthy routine because (well I’m a product addict but) it really helps destress me and reduces anxiety when I take care of myself.

This is a close up shot of the full Ayam Beauty hair care range, along with the body lotion and also makeup removing wipes.

Wash your hair everyday.

This is a more controversial piece of advice, but it comes from a trichologist (aka an expert and usually a medical doctor in hair health and hair growth.) When you have fine thin hair, you actually have more hair follicles which means there’s more follicles to produce oil. Fine hair really gets more oily and is recommended to be washed every day. With thicker hair, you usually have less follicles and less oil being produced so it is okay if you wash every other hair. It always surprises me that we’ve come to a place where people wash their hair once a week, when we shower every day and wash our faces twice a day. Why leave the scalp (which is skin) to just one wash once a week? That doesn’t make sense and is detrimental to the sebum in your scalp, and starts to be a bit smelly and gross without the dry shampoo.

I love using Ayam Beauty's Dead Sea Minerals Original Shampoo and Conditioner.

Massage scalp for at least a minute while shampooing.

When it comes to helping hair grow and stimulating the scalp, a gentle massage while shampooing is key. You want to really focus on the scalp for at least a minute, use the apples of your fingers and massage the shampoo into the hair to really stimulate your scalp and hair follicles. 

Condition only the ends.

If you’re suffering from hair that seems to get greasy very quickly (ie. one day) make sure you’re applying conditioner only to the ends of the hair. You don’t want to condition your scalp and place it on the top of your hair, as conditioner is really meant for the mid to end hair strands. The conditioner helps to soften the ends of hair, but also detangle and moisturize the strands. Most conditioners are going to be far too heavy for the top of your hair, and the scalp area, so it’s important not to apply so high on the strands.

Remove makeup as soon as you get home.

Of course if you’re working from home (as many are even a year later) then I’d recommend taking your makeup off when you’re ready to unwind and disconnect from your laptop. 

While I’m not a regular makeup removing wipe kind of girl, Ayam makes some really good varieties. Even ones with charcoal so if you prefer a wipe as step one of your makeup removal, these are fab. I like to double cleanse with a melting balm or oil, and then do a second cleanse with a cream based cleanser. 


Apply body lotion after showering.

I can’t tell you how many people tell me they rarely moisturize their entire body. Sure, usually we apply hand cream when our hands are dry or if we see a little ashiness on our knees and calves but a full body moisturizing session is necessary, especially after a warm shower where the body wash/soap/cleanser you used likely wiped the oils off your skin and dried it out completely. Queue in an incredibly good smelling body lotion from Ayam, which really gives me a lot of hues of amber. Who doesn’t love a good amber lotion?

This is a close up of jewelry accessories in Adaleta Avdic's bathroom, surrounded by pink flowers.

Make sure to check out the Ayam Beauty site to see these products (my 3 winners in December were so excited to win a year’s supply of their products!) Also as a reminder, the code ADA25 will get you 25% off your entire purchase.

What’s your favorite self care step?

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I recently talked to my hairstylist about this as well and she said the same thing: wash your hair every day! If it makes you feel cleaner and more comfortable, do it – especially fine/thin-haired individuals. If you’ve got super coarse, thick hair, going a little longer is fine, but otherwise, get that scalp cleaned! It made me feel so much better because I honestly have hated caking on dry shampoo in hopes of cleaner-“looking” hair. I also love all these other self-care tips! Great post!

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