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A Little Food & a lot of Sight-Seeing

After the excitement and fright of staying in a haunted hotel wore off (slightly) we needed food and some sights. Luckily, we were in great company and got just that.

The locals love Goodfella Pizza so we had a few pizzas delivered to our meeting during lunch time. Each slice is the size of your head…seriously. Do you see this slice? It’s bigger than the plates they give you to serve them! I couldn’t even finish one, but some of the ladies had a few!

They were quite greasy so I found myself using napkins to blot them. It’s habit to blot the top of pizzas because they are typically greasy and the oiliness distracts me and helps me enjoy my slice of pizza less so I’ve grown accustomed to dab excess oil and grease. This joint is the south’s New York style pizza provider. It was definitely delicious and I was perfectly content with just one slice. Evidently I’m a cheap date, what can I say?

After some sleepiness and a few more hours of meetings, we were in need of more. More food.

That evening, it was raining cats and dogs so our options for dinner were limited to the hotel’s one and only restaurant. Jonathan at Gratz Park is a fancy schmancy restaurant that pairs well with ghosts. You know, the usual. 

We were served some of the most incredible cornbread I’ve ever tried. It was warm, moist, soft, and had the perfect hint of both sweet and salty. Quite marvelous! Their bread was good too, but DAYUM that cornbread. 

For dinner at Jonathan’s, I ordered the salmon. It was one of my favorite salmon dishes because the texture was perfect. The spices on the fish were to a T as well. Sadly this restaurant is closing because another chef won the heart of the premises so Jonathan’s is attempting to find a permanent location. Good luck to them as this is such a magnificent place! 

The next morning, we settled for a short and sweet walk to the downtown offices. The air felt so refreshing, almost as if a bit of rain gave the land new life.  

Now this is the Lexington History Museum. I love the historic and beautiful building because of its large pillars and protective horseman. 

Now feel free to whistle or say “woooow” in unison with me. 


Stay beautiful Lexington. I will be back!