Adaclaus 2020

Adaleta Avdic is sitting next to her Christmas tree holding the Paul Mitchell hair sets, part of day 3 of Adaclaus.

Adaclaus 2020

November 30, 2020

The Day by Day Breakdown

It's the most wonderful time of the year! If you know, you know. But in case you don't, I'm going to explain it all to you.

What is Adaclaus?

This term was given to me back in 2015 by a fellow blogger and friend (there were a few different names thrown out there but this one rolled off the tongue so well.) Because I did so many giveaways around the holidays, everyone felt like I was Santa Claus myself. This was before everyone and their mothers did giveaways and gifted their PR products, to their audience so it felt cutting edge back then. Especially since back then I was a lot smaller audience wise, but I got so much PR that I would make huge beauty boxes and give them away to the active members of my Instagram community. 

Why do I do this?

Originally this helped me get rid of PR product I could never use myself, while also giving back to the community that supported me and interacted with me and my content. I only had one face (now I have Aaron's too so we can review more but still not to the level of products we get.) At the end of the day, this was a feel good because I can't tell you how happy it makes me to make one of your day's and send you an amazing box of goodies.

How does it work?

Every day from December 1st through December 24th, I will share a new giveaway on my Instagram account. Each giveaway will be in collaboration with a brand I personally use and love. The real kind of love, not the fake I used this once and it was fine kind of love. You know me better than that. None of the partners should come as a surprise since I have worked with them all in the past, or mentioned them many times on my stories, TikTok, blog, etc. Every morning I will post the new giveaway to my feed, and every day around noon (midday) we will select a winner for the previous day's giveaway, giving you just over 24 hours to enter each one. The rules are simple.

How do you enter?

You'll need to:

Be following me @adaatude⁣ (duh!)

Follow the BRAND I'm partnering with for that giveaway @BRANDHANDLEXX 

Tag friends and family in the comments of the Instagram post (tag one person per comment so each tagged comment counts as an additional entry) which will increase chances of winning⁣!

There will even be a BONUS entry. If you share that day's giveaway on your stories, tag me and we'll give you 5 additional entries into the giveaway which increases your chances substantially.

Having said all of this, I will update this blog post every day to give you the link of the newest giveaway, explain the prize, the winners, and why I love the products we'll be giving away. It's really going to be a lot of fun, so I hope you are ready. If you have any questions, please direct message me on Instagram or leave a comment on this post. I will be monitoring both the entire month of December. Good luck everyone!

*Specified "FEATURED PARTNERS" have paid for their exclusive placement in this blog post and into Adaclaus. Please pay special attention to those partners who allow the adaatude team to do what they love year round (bring you incredible content + recs!)


I feel like 2020 was the year of loungewear and being cozy all day, so what's more fitting than a cozy set from Cozy Earth? Their products are all insanely soft and just make you want to curl up all day. In this post, I am showcasing my favorite cozy wear.

3 winners receive a cozy loungewear set of their choice



After chatting about natural deodorant for upwards of two years, I have found a few great natural deodorants. Curie Bod comes in stick or spray format, depending on what you prefer. In this post, we're picking 3 winners to get a year's supply of deodorant which is huge!

Visit their site

3 winners are going to get a year’s supply of deodorant + this sweater!

In this photo, Adaleta Avdic is holding a Curie Bod deodorant stick.


I've been using Ayam Beautycare products for the last few months and I love the shampoos, conditioners and body lotion. In this post, three winners are going to get a one year supply of quite a few items which is definitely going to make shopping for toiletries a lot easier in the new year.

Visit their site

3 winners are going to get a year’s supply of:⁣

Body lotion⁣
Makeup removing wipes⁣

In this photo, Adaleta Avdic is applying the Ayam Beautycare Body Lotion to the legs.


For day 13, I think a lot of people are going to be ecstatic. Last year, everyone lost their minds for candles so this year I brought in two candle partners. The first of which is Nest Fragrances. With gorgeous distinct packaging, and incredible scents, this is going to take your home to the next level. We all love a little candle to cozy up a space so in this post, three winners are getting a $250 credit to get whatever scents and products they prefer. 

3 winners will receive the following:⁣

$250 worth of Nest Fragrances in their home


Day 12 is upon us! Hair tools are everyone's best friend, and I have a good feeling we'll be doing more of our hair in 2021. Who's with me!? In this post, three winners are getting a customized hair tool set. You can get a curling wand, flat iron, styling products, blowdryer, etc. The options are endless but depending on what you need you can win over $600 worth of tools.

Visit their site

3 winners will receive the following:⁣

Tools and stylers valued at $600 

In this photo, Adaleta Avdic is holding a Neurohair blowdryer, as well as a Neuroair heat styling product.


Remembering a sweet memory from that trip to Positano or the gorgeous coast of Maine. Maybe even the Bahamas? Dune Jewelry is so special, and allows you to make jewelry using sand (and other elements!) from destinations all over the world. For day 11 in this post, three winners are getting a gift card to shop their website. It's a special gift for yourself, or for a loved one that is so thoughtful and unique. You just can't go wrong!

Visit their site

3 winners will receive the following:⁣

$250 credit to shop the Dune Jewelry site 

This is a close up of a Dune Jewelry piece filled with sand from various beaches.


For day 10, we are giving out vitamin C like it's going out of style (don't worry it's definitely not.) Vitamin C is my favorite thing to apply in the AM, so I had to make sure you were stocked up. Cleen Beauty has been a new find this year, but an amazing brand at an incredible price. In this post, three winners are getting a lot of vitamin C. A year's worth, which is epic!

Visit their site

3 winners will receive the following:⁣

12 bottles of my favorite Cleen Beauty product, the vitamin C papaya serum⁣
As well as their NEWEST items:⁣
PHA Foaming Cleanser⁣
PHA Toner ⁣
Discovery Kit⁣

In this photo, Adaleta Avdic has pictured 12 Cleen Beauty Vitamin C Papaya Glow Serum, under her Christmas tree.


Day 9 is all about retinol and vitamins you can ingest on the daily (2 gummies to be specific.) That post was a fun video we did showing my skin going from dry and dull to glowy and healthy. When it comes to vitamins and supplements, it is hard to find the best fit for you, but I love reading the labels of any supplement I decide to ingest. Embody is made well, which I appreciate.

Visit their site

3 winners receive a 6 month supply of the Retinol Gummy

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Adaleta Avdić (@adaatude)


I'm a much better person when I'm tan so for day 8, tan-luxe jumped in to give three winners an epic tanning set which I curated myself. It's one of my favorite photos because I love a tan, and you can enter here. It is well worth $300 of tanning products in different formulations, so you have options.

3 winners receive the ultimate tan kit:

The Face⁣
The Body⁣
Wonder Oil⁣
Super Glow Body⁣
Super Glow SPF
The Gradual⁣
The Butter⁣

This is a photo of Adaleta Avdic holding the tan-luxe miracle oil.


For day 7, I've partnered with the best of both worlds. Skincare and haircare all in one on this post. Spencer Barnes LA is a fantastic beauty brand, and I focused on their sculpting wand. Creamy formualation coming out of the wand to ensure the jawline, chinline and neck area get the love they need. When it comes to hair, Hairtox creates a beautiful smoothing treatment that gives you frizz-free hair. I demo-ed this on my stories and it really made a huge difference on my hair. Treatment will last up to 60 days once you go though the specific steps.

Visit the Spencer Barnes website

Visit the Hairtox website

3 winners receive:

Facial Instant Sculpting Wand

 Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand XL

Hairtox Smoothing Treatment

This is a flat lay featuring Spencer Barnes LA and Hairtox.

On day 6, I partnered with a few of my favorite ladies to give away 12 epic beauty boxes. You can enter this giveaway for a few days as that one isn't 24 hours like the rest of Adaclaus is. My goal with most of the giveaways has been to get prizes out to everyone ASAP

12 winners receive:

Curated beauty box filled with goodies


For day 5 of Adaclaus, we've partnered with a pure household classic, Poo Pourri. In case you're unfamiliar, it is a "spray before you go" concoction to trap and remove the smell of poo. They have always been so clever with their marketing, but the best part is that their product is quality (made with essential oils) that leave the bathroom smelling amazing. The formulation is all natural, and leaves the bathroom smelling better than when you first walked in.

I wholeheartedly believe every office and household should have Poo Pourri at the ready because there's no reason to make anyone smell poo.

Visit their website.

3 winners receive:

1 year supply of Poo Pourri for them AND a friend

Adaleta Avdic is placing Poo Pourri inside a Christmas stocking.


For day 4 of Adaclaus, we've partnered with a niche brand, Forever Beaumore, and the post can be found here. It feels like this year, the concept of liquid collagen being consumed on the regular, simply exploded. Everyone was talking about it, consuming collagen (oftentimes too much) and in all forms. When it comes to consuming beauty products, I really dive into the ingredients. 

Their proprietary formula uses type 1 hydrolyzed collagen (which is the highest quality of collagen) together with an abundance of complex vitamins to maximize collagen production. Not to mention the formula contains a complex combination of Vitamin C, B6, B3, and hyaluronic acid so that it’s a one & done anti-aging solution. Trust me, you want to win!

Visit their website.

3 winners receive:

3 month supply of the Collagen Beauty Drink⁣

This is a photo of Adaleta Avdic holding the Forever Beaumore Beauty Collagen Drink.


For day 3 of Adaclaus, we've partnered with Paul Mitchell and the post can be found here. This is a hair care brand I've used and loved for two decades. Back when I was younger, my mom would buy a bottle of Paul Mitchell classic shampoo and it was a treat to use it. I only reached for it if I had a special occasion because it was pricey for us. Fast forward to today, and I cannot believe what an honor it is to work with such an incredible brand that is used in salons across the country and the world. This is a huge value for each winner and one of the largest prizes of Adaclaus so make sure you enter within 24 hours. You must be quick and enter as soon as you see each morning's post. Three people are about to have a lot of good hair days in their future.

Visit their website.

3 winners receive:

Custom hair regimen (each valued at $450)

This is a capture of presents underneath the Christmas tree, with Paul Mitchell holiday gift sets exposed.


For day 2 of Adaclaus, I partnered with Algenist and you can enter here. When it comes to a staple skincare product, the liquid collagen from Algenist has been the one for me. For many many years. It's no secret this is one of my favorites and so many of you have bought it over the last six months. The raving and 5 star reviews never end because it is truly a star product in every skin routine. Just like our body needs collagen internally, it also needs it externally to bring that plmp, hydrated juicy skin back. So of course the full size is part of the goodies, along with their incredible blue algae peel and the sleeping collagen cream. This has a value of over $250, so you're really scoring with the quality. 

3 winners receive:

GENIUS Liquid Collagen⁣
BLUE C Peel⁣
GENIUS Sleeping Collagen⁣

Visit their website.

This is a holiday themed close up of a Algenist Collagen Gift Set.


On day 1 of Adaclaus, I partnered with NOW and you can read the specifics on this post. With my long walks down the Sprouts aisles, I've come across so many of their products and the protein powders and BCAAs have always been a hit for me. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to review their skincare line which had so much research and resources put into its creation. While the entire line is impeccable, their vitamin C really blew me away. This year has been a big year for me physically because with all of this time at home (no travel) I have been so much more consistent with my workouts, CrossFit attendance and overall wellbeing. It's definitely shown on my body, and this is the fittest I've been since I have in my teens. My health has taken priority, which is why I wanted to kick things off for Adaclaus with my favorite partner in the wellness space. 

Visit their website.

3 winners receive:

$250 credit to shop the site

Winners are:




This is a close up shot of Adaleta Avdic opened her NOW BCAAs.

*Winners must be located in the United States and be at least 18 years of age.

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Okay, I LOVE that you’re called “Adaclaus.” That is absolutely adorable and so creative. I miss when it was such a “unique” thing to have giveaways. That was such a fun time of blogging – not that it’s not fun now, but it’s different (as you mentioned). So cool that you’re still doing this though and that it’s an environment you’ve created on your platform!