Advice I’m Glad I Ignored

Enjoying the San Francisco Weather in a Floral Romper

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Advice I’m Glad I Ignored

December 12, 2017

When you Say No Thanks to Advice

This post was inspired by one of the most fabulous ladies, Victoria from In the Frow. I saw this post on her blog not too long ago and thought it was something I wanted to share too, because let's be honest. We've all gotten terrible advice over the years.

All photos were taken by Julia O Test.

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Go to community college.

I am so glad I ignored this advice, from multiple people. My life would have been infinitely different if I had decided to stay in Los Angeles to go to community college for 2 years before going to college. I cannot express how thankful I am to have gone to the University of Arizona for 4 full years. I wanted the full college experience, and I didn't want to go to community college and leave with my parents for another 2 years. So glad I listened to no one on this. Sure, it was significantly more expensive, but I learned so many lessons in the first two years, met all of my friends, had so many life experiences, the list goes on and on. 


 Blogging is not a job. 

I am so glad I ignored everyone who said blogging wasn't a "real job." What the hell did they know? Absolutely nothing. Blogging is a job. It can be a full time job when you get to a certain point with your audience. Nowadays 10,000 followers on Instagram is a big deal and micro-influencers are paid well too. It is definitely a job, and one that's more common nowadays. So people ask more questions but they're usually centered around how they can make blogging their career.

Don't fall in love.

This can be the best advice ever because of heartbreak. However, falling in love is the greatest joy in life. Especially if you meet someone you want to spend the rest your life with, a.k.a. marriage. "You can't fall in love until you're 40. No boyfriends." The list goes on and on. 

My parents were against me dating, and after my first real heartbreak, my friends at the time and my brain told me not to let anyone in. No matter how cute or charming they may be. 

....10 years after that, I was so glad I didn't listen to any of that mumbo jumbo. Or else I wouldn't have had the chance to meet Aaron. The greatest guy I'd ever met. Kind, charming, so smart and best of all, HILARIOUS. There is no one who can make me laugh quite like him. My girlfriends agree. They can make them all howl from his jokes.

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Sitting in Front of a House in San Francisco

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Save your money.

Sure, you don't want to spend your savings on Gucci bags. However, if you have a dream, want to start a business, need to invest a little into something you love dearly, you need to go into that savings account and make the choice. Saving your money isn't always the answer.

Retirement money is great but come on, you need to live life today. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. I'm not saying spend your last few dollars tonight, I'm saying enjoy the beer, have a few drinks with your girlfriends, buy that cute romper. Your money is no good when you leave this earth, and neither is the memory that you didn't enjoy something you really wanted to enjoy.  

I don't go crazy, but I also don't hold back. Snagging that bottle of wine that's a few dollars more, that craft beer that is a bit pricey (but you know it'll be delicious) or getting that $200 watch. Whether it's food, entertainment or clothing, you deserve to splurge a little.

Don't buy a house. Rent.

Super silly advice.  When you figure out where you want to live for a little while, it's most beneficial to buy a home. Renting is paying something you'll never put your stamp into and it's basically a waste of your money. Even if you buy a crappy place, at least you can sell it or air BnB it. Realistically you can do whatever you want because it's yours and you put your money towards something that is truly yours.


Black cats are bad luck.

As silly as it may sound, I'm still trying to shrug off the superstitions. Ladders, black cats, so on and so forth. I need to let go of those silly thoughts and stop letting them affect me. Black cats are not the end of the universe, so I need to stop acting like seeing one is anything but seeing a black cat. Also a black cat in the U.K is good luck evidently so I really need to get my act together.

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Be a doctor or a lawyer.

For the longest time, I thought I would be a lawyer. I changed my mind as a young girl because I did not like care for school. Sure, I could get an A if I tried really hard but I just didn't enjoy school. Especially when I got to college. I went through the motions, but my heart really wasn't into it. Knowing how expensive and time-consuming law school was, helped me make an executive decision that I would not pursue law. Just because being a doctor or lawyer means a lot of money, does not mean it is happiness. If I'm dedicating 10-15 hours a day to something (which is an average for these 2 professions) I better enjoy it and love it to a level I love more than my own free will. So glad I didn't go this route. I am so much happier working for the agency I work for today, and blogging. Blogging is my passion. Traveling is my passion. Not being in a courtroom or an operating room. Did I mention I can't get my blood drawn without passing out? Being a doctor would have never worked for me.

Wait until the time is right.

There is no "right" time for anything, ever. Your timing is based on how soon you do something. I've learned this the hard way. Because I didn't act in time, brands choose other influencers. Since I was uncertain about specific promotions, companies chose my colleagues over me. You learn that "waiting for the time" means you're going to get skipped over time and time again. You make your timing what you want it to be, and you can't wait and hope someone else will remember you. We are all responsible for ourselves and no one else makes our decisions for us. We do. Now is the time. Send that email, pitch that client to your company, and seize this moment right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year. Now.

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What advice are you glad you ignored?