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Afternoon at the Oslo Opera House

Afternoon at the Oslo Opera House

August 30, 2017

One of the most iconic things about Oslo is the Opera House. The building is incredibly beautiful, and shows true architectural design that’s both modern and unique. Ever since I’ve been traveling to Norway, I have loved seeing the Opera House in all its glory. This was my first time seeing it in the summer, and I’ll admit, it looks absolutely incredible with a little sunshine. There’s no denying it.

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Rocking a Hale Bob Dress at the Oslo Opera House
Standing Tall at the Oslo Opera House in Norway

Walking along the outside of the Opera House is a treat for any tourist, given the breath-taking views of the city and the Opera House surroundings. At the moment there is a lot of construction in the area, but it’s incredible nonetheless. Never forget to go inside as well,  as the inside is quite unique too. I’ve seen an incredible ballet performance in the Opera House that last time we visited, and feeling the energy of the audience and the appreciation for this beautiful performance was riveting. If there are any events during your time in Oslo, try your best to check out a performance. They range from musicals to ballet to concerts so there’s an option for everyone.

For this outfit, I paired my favorite bag of the moment with a white peasant dress from Halebob. These sandals are my favorite pair, mainly because they’re slight dupes of the Valentino rock stud sandals that cost a bajillion dollars. There’s comfortable (I walked quite a bit in them) and they are super cute so it’s a win win.

Now to get into the details of this dress. It has so much incredible detailing that I didn’t notice until I ironed the dress to perfection. And by “I ironed” I mean Aaron ironed, because he likes to iron and he is 100 times better at it than I. Once he left Norway and I was on my own with coworkers for a week, I was a wrinkled hot mess.

I love the fact that I can make this an off the shoulder dress or keep the sleeves over my shoulders. The versatility is cool because us girls, we like to have our options. When it comes to the sleeves, the detailing is in the shape of flowers, which is a great touch. The material is super comfortable and really breathable, making me less of a sweaty mess than many other fabrics. It’s one that again is quite flattering and lays loosely off the body, which is always my preference. I’m not a big fan of dresses that are too tight for comfort reasons. The frilliness of the dress is very girly, making it  a perfect option for a girls brunch, a date night or just a work day.

The shoes and accessories make this look come together, and I feel this can be dressed up or down. Usually I’m the queen of dressed down, but sometimes a girl’s got to get a little fancier.

What’s your favorite detail about this dress?