Amazon Designer Dupes Part 2

Amazon Designer Dupes Part 2

January 16, 2020

You guys loved the dupes we shared with you last week, so we’re keeping ‘em coming! Amazon Prime makes life so much easier, I mean seriously, what would we do without it? I’ve canceled some subscriptions this year but Amazon Prime isn’t something I can part with. We found some more dupes over the last week, so be sure to check out this list below! 

In this image, Adaleta is showing off some of her Amazon Prime designer dupes. She's rocking two of the David Yurman Dupes available on prime for less than $20. She's holding her arm out in front of her jewelry tree on her desk in her beauty room.


The Louis Vuitton inspired handbags tend to go pretty quickly, but we managed to find some great dupe options in stock. This bag has great reviews and is a total dupe for the real deal for less than $40. It’s a great bag for both summer and winter, and comes in several different color and pattern options! If you prefer the bucket bag type style, this bag is IT. The quality is amazing, and the reviews speak for themselves. It sells out faster than Jack Robinson, but it’s restocking on January 30th, 2020. Add to cart and prepay so you can ensure you get yours! Another LV inspired bag is this backpack. This backpack was released last summer and has been a hot item since. We love that there’s a dupe available on prime and that it’s available in white and brown canvas. The canvas prints are the most popular prime dupes, but we also came across this wallet that has the soft leather feeling like the real wallet does. The best part about this Louis Vuitton wallet dupe is that it’s black, so it matches everything


As for shoes, these studded bowknot sandals were pretty popular last summer, so if you missed out, be sure to grab your pair of Valentino dupes. They’re perfect for wearing to the pool, beach, or dressing up your summer outfits. If sneakers are more your style, check out these Gucci dupes. They have the classic style or some with stars which are my personal favorite. Speaking of sneakers with stars… let’s talk Golden Goose. If you adore the style but find that the $500+ price tag of the shoes has held you back in the past, we’ve found the ultimate dupe for you! They come in 13 different colors, styles, and patterns, and are on prime for less than $40. I’ve been hunting for a good dupe for quite some time now, and these are the winners!


If you’ve had your eye on the Louis Vuitton V cuff, check out this dupe on Amazon. We love that it comes in so many colors and patterns like leopard, snakeskin, and crocodile. There are a ton of different options for different styles and outfits, which we loveThese David Yurman Dupe Earrings match with some of the jewelry we shared last week. They’ve got some amazing reviews, too. This ring is another dupe for DY, and available in several different colors and stones. This Double O Belt is a great dupe for the interlocking Gucci belt everyone and their mother has. Plus, it’s less than $16 and available in so many colors. Another great prime accessory is this gorgeous Gucci brooch dupe. I would style this by adding it to a blazer, coat, scarf or even weaving it through a necklace chain. It’s an easy way to dress up and accessorize a simple outfit. Lastly, we found THE DUPE for the famous Burberry scarf. It’s incredibly soft, expensive feeling, and available on prime for less than $20. Haley ordered one and she loves it!

In this image, we found several different dupes from Amazon and added them in a collage. Dupes from Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, David Yurman, Golden Goose, and more. From jewelry to accessories, there is an array of different dupe finds.

What items from this dupe roundup caught your eye? What dupes would you like to see next?