Annoying Personas When You Travel

Rocking cold weather attire in New York City.

Annoying Personas When You Travel

February 26, 2018

People Who Make Traveling Harder

This post is meant to be comical, slightly satirical and of course, very in line with the everyday world of traveling. When I mean travel, I am specifically talking about the individuals on planes, in airports and throughout that awful journey to your next vacation. This is the biggest reality of travel that people seem to overlook. Let's dive into the various personas.

1. The Talkers

You know who you are. Especially some east coasters. If I have headphones on, I’m not looking to socialize with a stranger that moment. I spend so many hours socializing with the world everyday, and likely I'm focusing on an email, video, blog post, so on and so forth. I am definitely not the person trying to make a new friend on the plane. Unless you're a comedian. Then I'd love to be friends.

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2. Coughers. 

Honestly as soon as the door closes and we leave the gate, everyone and their mothers starts coughing. It’s almost in unison in the beginning and then someone in row 19 coughs, then row 11, and then row 3. It’s like a musicial affair but with disgusting phlegm coughs. Someone legitimately just lost their breath from coughing (yes I am writing this post as I sit here on the plane.) I’m not sure what you’re sick with, but please wear a mask or don’t travel. I’m not trying to get sick because you don't have any courtesy or respect for those of us who are healthy.

3. Babies. 

I used to be so ignorant when it came to babies. To some degree, I still am. I understand babies have to come on trips sometimes, but most of them are suffering and not having a good time. I know their ears are popping, they’re feeling queasy, poopy etc. I've learned that the baby is stressing the mom out more than the baby is stressing us out but it’s still a thing on planes. While I'm not categorizing babies into the annoying persona, I do think we need baby pods where babies can play and enjoy their time on planes rather than be miserable sitting on a lap cramped with strangers. In my opinion, planes need to rethink the layout to ensure babies and moms are more comfortable.

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In this photo, I am rocking a black coat and jeans.

4.  The Secret Farter. 

You’ve all experienced this. It’s a horrible person who continues to fart time and time again on the flight. Can you please get up and go to the bathroom? We don’t all need to suffer because you decided to eat a bean burrito for breakfast. Go to the bathroom man. 

5. The Chomper. 

I despise when people chew loud around me. It actually makes my skin crawl. When you’re doing it in my ear as I’m trying to sleep or read or work on the plane, I may or may not punch you in the throat. Chew less loud and eat faster. 

6. The Loud One. 

This person is just loud and annoying in general. Usually a busy body that has to be shuffling around through a purse, backpack and doing 6 things at once. You are obnoxious. Stop crinkling your peanut package, just please stop making noise. Plane time is sleepy and relax time, and we don’t need your chaotic energy stirring us all up. 

7. Smelly Food Carriers 

Most of these just require a little mindfulness from people. I don’t bring my McDonald’s on a plane because I don’t want to be a dick and make the entire plane smell like chemical fries. To each their own, but this is something that makes me so annoyed especially if I didn't have time to grab food because of a tight connection.

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This is a shot of me amongst New York City traffic rocking a black coat and jeans.

Ok, so who did I miss I'd love to hear some of your horror stories while flying!

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