Annoying Questions Bloggers Get Asked

This is a photo of me sitting at a coffee table with my hawaiian shirt and my Louis Vuitton bag in Los Angeles.

Annoying Questions Bloggers Get Asked

October 21, 2017

Now growing up you know our teachers always told us "there is no such thing as a stupid question." Errrr I don't know if I agree with that. This is meant to be somewhat satirical, comical and a good ole laugh for those who have asked these questions. I'm not here to offend anyone, merely educate on the etiquette of asking bloggers questions. Some of the questions simply show that the individual did NO research and just decided to ask the question, even though the answers are on our social media or within our blog.

1. The famous “hey Adaleta, it’s Bob Joe from high school. We had a class together."

"Remember teacher so and so? Anyway, I can see you really figured out how to do Instagram. My buddy and I are starting a startup and we wanted to grab you a coffee and chat social media”

OK Bob Joe, first of all I will not respond to you when you clearly do not understand the value of my time and also the advice I have to give. Taking an hour, two maybe more, to get you in gear for your brand is something that requires payment, not a $5 cup of coffee. Also Bob Joe, would you message your friend from high school who you haven’t talked to in 9 years and ask how he became a financial advisor? 

Answer is no, you wouldn’t. So why are you asking me to do that for you? Come on Bob Joe. 

2. “I just wrote my first blog post. How can I do the posts where I put sponsored and ad? I want to make money doing this!!” 

LOL. It took me 3 years of investing in my blog, until I made any money. You will NOT make money right away. Unless you’re a celebrity, have a connection to someone famous or know Kanye personally, you will not make money in the first few months. I repeat; you will not make money blogging from the beginning! In order to get paid from brands, you need an audience to influence. In order to get an audience, you need time. And good content. Lots of it. For a long time. Time. Time. Time. Basically my point is you won’t make money if you just started. Sorry to break it to you. Most of us didn't necessarily start off blogging to get the big bucks. We started it as a way to communicate to others and share a passion. Now that it's become an industry, it seems everyone just wants in and the big bucks right away. That's not how it works.

3. How do I start blogging?

Oh, sweeeet Christmas! I don’t have enough time to sit here and coach you through the last 5 years of my life. You can read this post or this one, which may help, or even this one

Otherwise go buy a book about it. There’s plenty now - lucky you!

4. "I saw you worked with X brand, and I want to work with X brand. Can you give me the contact?"

First of all, WHO ARE YOU!? We've never spoken before. You're not someone I consider my blogging friend. In fact, YOU DON'T EVEN FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!?! Shut the front door. I can't even take it. Asking me for contacts and you don't even follow me, what the %$@&??

5. "Your skin looks amazing. What products do you use?" 

Thanks for the compliment! Umm... the products I use are all over my Instagram feed, blog and social networks. What was your question?

6. How much money do you make?

Since when did this become a socially acceptable thing to ask anyone, let alone a stranger? This one kills me. I always divert the question because it's nobody's damn business besides my accountant's. Would you ask your colleague how much money they make? No. You wouldn't, nor should you.

This is a photo of me sitting and smiling at a coffee table with my hawaiian shirt and my Louis Vuitton bag in Los Angeles.

I will keep adding questions here as they come up, but these were the immediate ones that came to mind.

If you're a blogger, what's a question you've received?