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Are Augustinus Bader Products Worth the Price Tag?

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Are Augustinus Bader Products Worth the Price Tag?

June 12, 2022

Over the last few years, Augustinus Bader has became mainstream. This used to be a beauty junkie's hidden secret but more and more people caught on. And now? The brand is everywhere and everyone wants to get their hands on the Rich Cream. One of the most common questions I get in my DMs "is the brand worth the insane price tag?" which is a valid question given the star product is almost $300. Sure it's not La Mer pricing with their $2,000 face cream but this is certainly not cheap especially if you're using the products morning and night. Having said that, let's dive into each product I've tried and if it's worth the price.


The Cream Cleansing Gel with TFC8® Gentle Cleanser $69

This is a really nice non-drying cleanser that does a pretty good job at removing makeup. It's got a nice creamy consistency, which makes it easy to lather up and slide onto the skin. If you have a thick coat of makeup on (foundation, waterproof mascara, liner, etc) I recommend double cleansing but this is effective at removing that makeup, while getting deep in the pores. It feels really cleansing, but also rehydrates the skin leaving it softer and plumper. 4/5

The Essence $90

Oftentimes I question the need for an essence if I'm being honest. It usually does differ from toner, for anyone wondering. Toner is typically an additional step with removing the gunk off your skin, while also exfoliating gently whereas essence prepares your skin for all the serums and nutrients you're going to be applying. It helps prep your skin and allows those serums to absorb a little deeper, giving you maximum impact with the serums you'll be applying. This essence is combined as a toner and essence, and while it's gentle and lightweight, I personally don't see any additional benefit in comparison to some of my favorite products (insert January Labs Toner Mist, Living Libations Cleansing Mist, etc.) If your skin tends to be sensitive with toner and essence, this could be a great option given it is really gentle even for sensitive skin, but I think there's other options that are also clean and more effective for a fraction of the price. 3/5

The Rich Cream with TFC8® Face Moisturizer $280

This is the infamous face cream that seems like everyone and their mothers raves and dreams about, so naturally during the Sephora sale I had to snag it and see for myself. It's considered an "all-in-one" meaning you don't need to apply 5 serums and do a full routine. Ideally, you'd use the cleansing gel and then could apply this moisturizer and call it a night because of all the nutrients this cream has. It packs a punch, has a beautiful consistency and I'll admit my skin hasn't been this consistent for me ever. If there was one product from AB you needed to grab, it would be this one. RIP our wallets because this is pricey, but my husband and I use ours once a day (each) and it's been almost 2 months of use. Every time I go to do my two pumps at night, I'm wondering if this will be the last time I can use it but it's like the gift that keeps on giving. A little bit goes a long way. I go in with two pumps but I could totally do just one, or one and a half. 5/5

Body care

The Body Cream with TFC8® Moisturizer $180

This is a thick goopy cream, and is difficult to rub into the skin. I tend to grab a dollop sized amount at night (as I'm slipping into bed) and it becomes a bit of a workout to get it to absorb completely. It doesn't have a scent to it, which I'm impartial to. It's clear to me that most of their products don't have scents which can be a good thing, given most scents are an irritant but for such a luxurious cream I do wish it had a little something. While it's hydrating and adds that moisture, I think the consistency could be more lightweight and there could be a light fragrance of some kind to the formula. From my perspective, there's various creams that are more hydrating, clean and have a light scent (insert Skin & Senses) that pack a punch for less $$. 3.5/5

Hair care

The Shampoo $55

Something that's always been important to me when it comes to shampoo is smell. I used to smell all the shampoos in the aisles of Target or Sephora before I could possibly pick one. The other element I look for in a shampoo is obviously how effective it is at cleansing the hair and not making it necessary for me to immediately wash again. This formula gives me a thorough cleanse, and it gets rid of residue from other shampoos (a lot of them leave an unseen layer of film that makes you have to wash hair more frequently). I did also have some itchiness in my scalp and this really nipped it after just one wash, which I found really impressive. 3.5/5

The Conditioner $55

This has the same issue for me as the shampoo, given there isn't really a scent. However, it is a lightweight conditioner that softens the hair and even removes full on knots. We took this with us on our trip to Michigan, and it helped so much after long travel days because the wind and rain knotted the sh*t out of my hair. After just one wash with the shampoo and conditioner, my brush went through my hair with no issues which is incredible. It's much more effective than most conditioners I've tried so it's definitely one of the winners for me.  4/5

All in all, I find that Augustinus Bader products are excellent quality and most are worth the price tag. The Rich Cream is a no brainer, along with The Conditioner. Some of the other products you could skip, but none of them are bad to the point where I'd tell you to completely avoid or skip them. I think depending on your preference (scented or not) you may actually really enjoy The Shampoo, The Conditioner or The Body Cream. The best time to stock up is during the Sephora VIB Sale since you'll get 20% off, but sometimes a girl's got to snag some refills so it won't be long until I need a refill of The Rich Cream. 

Have you tried any Augustinus Bader products?

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