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Are Dad Sandals a Trend?

This is a capture of Adaleta Avdic's Prada Dad Sandals, along with wine at AZ Wine Collective in Tucson Arizona.

Are Dad Sandals a Trend?

May 3, 2021


This is definitely one of those trends where it's either a love or hate relationship. There's really no in between because dad sandals are loud and they're in your face. I'm so curious which side of the spectrum you fall when it comes to them, because at first I was kind of disturbed (about a year ago) and now I definitely need them in my life. I had my eye on the Chanel ones, but when I saw the massive price tag with both the old and new styles, I knew they were not going to happen. I warmed myself up with some cheaper Birkenstocks and then fell upon the new Prada dad sandal style which is a fraction of the Chanel ones. Oops I did it again. Prada always gets my heart.

Pros of the Dad Sandal

Dad would be proud. My dad has photos of his dad sandals from a decade ago, and he was laughing in joy when he saw mine.

They are super comfy with support. One of the key elements is that they are thick but the thickness gives massive comfort.

At this point, they are a classic.

They go with almost every outfit (minus red carpet or classy attire but who wears that nowadays anyway?)

Velcro straps make them super easy to put on and take off. 


Cons of the Dad Sandal

Dad did wear them 5-10+ years ago. Dad may still be wearing them.

They're thick which can be a turnoff and appear like clogs from the side. 

Depending on your style, they can be a bit loud and V noticeable from afar. I mean they're pretty thick and someone can spot that from across the street.

They could make outfits too casual.

What're your thoughts on dad sandals? 

Is it a yay or nay for you?

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If I’m being totallyyyy honest, I’m not a huge fan of dad sandals (or sneakers, for that matter). I just find them to be really clunky. However, that’s for me! I’m very much a classic styler-lover and prefer sleeker, more elegant or simple designs rather than trendy pieces or throwback items. I’m sure you’re not the only one who can totally slay in a pair of dad sandals (I just know I never could haha).

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