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Beauty & Lifestyle Products I’ve Been Loving Lately

This is a partial flatlay of my monthly favorites in the beauty and fashion space, including products from MAC Cosmetics, NARS and Conges.

Beauty & Lifestyle Products I’ve Been Loving Lately

August 4, 2019

There's been a lot of beauty and lifestyle products I've been gravitating to lately, and today I wanted to share a few of the ones that have received a lot of love from me over the last few weeks (and some *months!*). When it comes to new products, it is hard to find a ride or die favorite right away but sometimes I find a product that I gravitated to initially, and then use over time to find out it is beyond incredible and needs to be shared with the world. In this case, these items were all ones I choose myself for one reason or another. 


Amongst some of my favorite jewelry brands, you all know I've loved Sequin Jewelry for years. So much so that we collaborated and created my very own necklace. It's still available if you're interested in snagging your own here. Their newest collections have been so beautiful and unique, including these gorgeous earrings. This sea coin charm is from Kristin Ash, a gorgeous jewelry brand out of Australia. Everything made by Kirstin Ash is high quality, and just breathtakingly beautiful. Another brand that I discovered out of Laguna Beach is Gorjana. This necklace is the perfect addition to any necklace stack.

Hair barrettes are so in, and I am here for it. No Label created a custom ADAATUDE barrette for me, but this babe one is screaming your name too. Something that came out of the Nordstrom sale was this Lagos bracelet which is such an amazing gift for an anniversary or a big milestone.

My favorite toiletry bag is from Hudson & Bleeker. I can fit everything in this bag, especially when I travel. I also like that there's different areas so I can put jewelry in one corner and then the beauty products in the main area. It's perfect for organization, especially when on the road. Cat eye sunglasses are so pertinent to a classy look, no matter what city you're in. 


When it came to the Nordstrom Sale, the beauty piece was the best. MAC Cosmetics did an amazing job, and this gorgeous eyeshadow palette, with a blush and highlighter was a total steal. There's something amazing about MAC Cosmetics lip products. The brand new 'Love Me' lipsticks are incredible, and this hot pepper color is so perfect for summer time. All of the shades are creamy, long-lasting and so incredibly hydrating. 

The lipgloss from MAC Cosmetics is complete fire. It comes part of the lip kits and it is super hydrating, great color payoff, and feels nice and cooling on the lips. Another favorite of mine was the Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon; I did receive all the colors as I'm a part of the PR list and I have been slowly using all the shades. The formulation is creamy, long-lasting and has really great color-payoff so I've been a fan. Plus it always looks like I've just thrown a pen in my purse so it's super easy to travel with in most cases. Another brand I absolutely love being of its clean nature is Thrive Causemetics. One of their newest products was an eye brightener, and I am a total fan. Lastly I do love a good cleansing facial wipe, especially on days I do go with a full face of makeup. 

An amazing skincare brand I've been testing out for two months is Caviar & Cashmere. I was able to receive a PR sample of the serum, as well as the moisturizer, and both of these are incredibly hydrating. The serum has a unique hydrating texture and definitely blends into the skin quickly and easily. The moisturizer is very hydrating, and is made up of a thicker consistency which is super lightweight. The formula blends evenly into the skin, and hydrates my complexion overnight. 

When it comes to body odor, I will always be the first to find the solutions to fight it. Being a sweaty girl myself, I've always been on the hunt for a good deodorant, good body wash and so forth. Because I made the switch to a non-aluminum based deodorant (please read this post for more info on why aluminum is SO BAD for us!) it is harder to find that perfect mix for you based on your body's chemistry. However, after months of trying various non-aluminum based deodorants, I found the Each + Every brand which resonated with me. I did a post all about their deodorant here. Use the code ADAATUDE for 20% off of their site. 


The final item I've been obsessed with is from Conges. Rather than butchering the description, I figured I'd copy and paste explanation of the brand so you understand why I am so obsessed. 

Congés is a fine jewelry collection that accentuates the beauty of perspective through the energy of nature and power of thoughts. Striking a chord of personal well-being and evoking a sensation of being one and true to yourself, Congés encourages you to identify your story, select your design and believe in the power.

The idea behind the jewelry is that the crystals and stones, have an amazing energy that are able to guide you through touch decisions and also bring the positive energy your way. Some of the most popular pieces are sold at Nordstrom. Conges does a journey set, for various elements of life. The journey icons for work, are where I landed because I wanted an extra kick when it comes to the business side of things. The work set has really worked for me because ever since I've been carrying it around, I've had good luck when it comes to the professional side of things. 

Leadership, Discipline, Motivation, Advancement, Self-Belief, Creativity
Whether at an office or working from home, one should carry a form of creativity for enjoyment, self-belief for advancement and a sense of leadership to inspire others.

I truly feel that the set has helped me exude all of these qualities, if not more. If you're looking for a little extra kick, take a peek at the journey set options

What new things have you been trying?

Is there something I absolutely need to add to my list? I love trying all the things. Makes life a lot more interesting!