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Behind the Scenes of Kelly’s Bachelorette Weekend

This is a cute photo of all the bridesmaids for Kelly's Bachelorette Weekend.

Behind the Scenes of Kelly’s Bachelorette Weekend

July 1, 2019

Kelly's bachelorette has been in the works for several months now, but the specific details of each day are what had to come together over the past month. On Friday morning, we still didn't have a bride because she had been stuck in Tennessee all night (delayed flight, maintenance issues, timed out crew) and it seemed like we'd have to make some serious changes. Luckily, she was able to get on some early flights and make it back to town by 11:30 AM. Our itinerary for Friday?

Sonoran Tasting Tour

Because of our late start, we ended up moving pick-up for the wine tour from 10 AM to noon. Karen, who is the owner of Sonoran Tasting Tours, was out of the country and still gave me a call to help coordinate the best plan of action since our bride was delayed. She then provided me our driver's information, and he was wonderful throughout the day. He gave us good information throughout the day that would help us enjoy each winery to its fullest. I truthfully cannot recommend this tour enough because we got to visit 3 amazing wineries, including a personal favorite of mine: Rune Vineyard. This vineyard is off the grid (literally) and has no plumbing onsite. The vineyard is solar powered, which is so efficient and I loved that it's off the grid. Not to mention the views were stunning. 


"There is too much wine and champagne" - said no one ever.

The Decor

The drive to and from Sonoita were pleasant, and we were dropped right back where we started: JW Starr Pass Resort. Kelly, Ashley and I have all stayed at Starr Pass Resort in the past, but this time was extra special. It was a bachelorette! My wonderful business manager, Haley, was the magical fairy behind the room set-up (which was a huge job). Since we spent all day at the wine tour, I had to have someone behind the scenes help me with the decorations. Needless to say, she absolutely killed it. Everything was just so beautiful. In case you're planning a bachelorette, I've linked everything below.


More balloons


Even more balloons




Bridesmaids Bags for Kelly's Bach-2

The Booze

We had a plethora of amazing brands send us the wine, liquor and deliciousness that we enjoyed all weekend. I'll admit Tito's Vodka was the favorite of the group, but several of us got down on some serious Babe Sparkling Rosé. Since I knew our group would love champagne, we made sure to have a few options. Between the Cono Sur Sparkling Brut and One Hope Wine, we were covered on the bubbly. I love the options, and when you're dealing with a big group, it's always good to give flat and sparkling options. One of my personal favorite wines is Miraval Rosé, and they sent over a case of wine which I was definitely not mad about.

The first night in the hotel, Kelly really wanted to get some junk food so we used Uber Eats and Grub Hub to get a few different options to the room. As we were chowing down, the hotel kindly sent in a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries which we mixed with all of our junk food. Perfect combo if you ask me... or any of the girls 😉 

The bridesmaid squad consists of Dannaka, Marissa, Natalie, Arianna and Meghan. It's not often that you can get a good group together that is kind, thoughtful, fun and also really smart. After getting to know these ladies a bit more, I can honestly say that Kelly has some of the best people I've ever met along her side.

For day two, we planned to have a super chill pool day downstairs. We got a cabana which was 150% worth it, because if we didn't have a cabana, there's no way we would have survived out in the sun all day. The cabana service was really nice, and we had such a good time. Especially since the family next to us was ready to party with us, and we added some honorary members to the Bride Squad. If anyone got too hot, they would just come back to the cabana to get out of the sun, cool down and drink some cocktails. 

We enjoyed the lazy river (one of the most unique perks about Starr Pass Resort in Tucson). There's lots of tubes, you pick up, slather yourself in sunscreen and then just sit in the tube and float around the pool. It's really a lot of fun, and keeps you cool. We did the loop a few times before we decided to go back to the cabana, order some lunch, hydrate and relax for a bit.

Lunch at the pool was tasty, and we got back in the pool for a little while. Around 2:45, Kelly and I headed directly to the spa for an amazing treatment. The Hashani Spa at Starr Pass scheduled Kelly and I the Petals and Leaves Treatment. The treatment starts off with a body scrub massage. Once the scrub is on, you jump in the shower and get the scrub off. Honestly my skin was so smooth and soft after that scrub. Once you're all dry, you lay back down and the massage therapist does a mud mask all over the body. Once the mask is on, you're wrapped up (kind of like a cocoon) and then you sit in the mask for a few minutes, before you jump in the shower again. There's a nice fresh scrub in the shower, which you use to get the mask off the body. If I thought my skin was smooth BEFORE the treatment, it was even more smooth and soft after this body mud mask. Once the mask was done, and I was dried off again, I laid down and got an amazing massage. For some reason, I've had a really bad knot on the right shoulder area which has definitely caused some discomfort over the past few months. The massage therapist gave me the best massage and helped get the kink out, which was incredible. Kelly hadn't had a treatment like this before, but she definitely enjoyed it.

The Bridesmaid Bags

Normally the maid of honor gets a small gift together for all the bridesmaids to prep them for the bachelorette. I've seen this done a few different ways, and I'll admit, I definitely went a bit crazy with this but I love getting gift bags together. You know I love to do giveaways and actually gift my audience, my friends, my family and everyone around me with products. That's why I took the bridesmaid bags so seriously and Haley and I got a lot of incredible brands to send us 15 of every single product. 

Coola Mineral Sunscreen Spray: There's something just wonderful about Coola. The specific spray we had was the tropical coconut with SPF 30. It has a "sheer finish" and specifies it is water resistant for 80 minutes. The smell is intoxicating and it kept me from getting sunburned all day at the pool.  There was also a second addition from Coola which was their Makeup Setting Spray with SPF 30. The setting spray works well, smells fresh and also have hyaluronic acid in it which is wonderful to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated in these warmer months. Such an amazing thing to have in each girl's bag since we spent all day Saturday out in the sun. 

Pinch Provisions came through with the cutest bridesmaid kits for each of us, which includes 24 essentials. If you don't know about Pinch Provisions, I'm not sure where you've been. This bridesmaid kit includes a lot of amazing essentials including a mirror, mending kit, double sided tape, bobby pins, stain remover, breath drops, and so much more. All the essential things the bridesmaid or the bride may need on wedding day. These little kits are so practical, so smart and so travel-friendly. I always loved how unique each kit was, but let's face it. We always need a bobby pin, some hairspray or blotting tissue. The fact that all the essentials are in this kit is just incredible. I am soo here for it.

Teleties are amazing, and each bag had a set of three clear ones. These are the best way to get your hair up, and not end up ripping hair when you take it down. There's something magical about these that doesn't allow that damage to happen, and it doesn't get all tangled and stuck. Every time I've used a regular scrunchie (no matter what kind it was) I always get my hair stuck in it and then have to rip out a few hairs to get it undone. That is definitely not ideal, so Teleties makes it easy. Not to mention the clear ones are really cute and look good as an accessory on your hand too. Because let's be real, you'll end up with a hair tie on your arm at some point.

AQUIS went above and beyond and sent a complete starter set for every girl. I've loved their hair turbans for years, and I never knew that keeping hair wet for long periods of time was super damaging. Turns out it's worse than blow-drying hair, so now that I know I love using their hair turbans. This pre-wash, cleansing and conditioning combo is a good one which you'd follow with wrapping the hair in the turban to get it drier faster. 

Since you know I'm a sunscreen fiend (I don't play games with the sun) we had to have all the sunscreen. Herbal Dynamics Beauty sent their Solardefense Mineral Sunscreen Spray with SPF 29. This is super refreshing and easy to spray throughout the day to keep layering on some more protection. It's also a mineral sunscreen, which gives your skin a bit of variety. It's also PABA-free.

Another Herbal Dynamics Beauty product was the Rose Water Calming Face Toner, which is just a treat to spritz throughout the day as well. This toner has green tea, aloe versa, witch hazel and chamomile so if you needed something to calm the skin down, this would definitely do the trick. The final product from Herbal Dynamics Beauty was this incredible Acai and Mango Sugar Lip Scrub, which has cocoa butter, pistachio oil, macadamia oil and vitamin E. I am obsessed with this product in particular because I love those drying liquid lipsticks, and this lip scrub is definitely what I need to use every single day to get my lips nice and smooth.

If you remember my jojoba oil trip a few months ago, Grace & Tonic was a brand that was waiting for me in my hotel room. Their facial cleanser is incredible, and the entire line uses a bit of jojoba oil to ensure the cleansing process is hydrating and not too stripping. The entire line is free of parabens, artificial fragrance and color, sulfates, mineral oils and petroleum and of course not tested on animals. The best possible combination if you ask me. Once I cleanse, and add a serum (I alternate between a few each day and night) I go in with the moisture cream for the skin and then the eye serum for under and around the eye area. It's a killer combo. 

Since we had a girls' night in and we'd be doing a bit of drinking this weekend, I thought it'd be cute to bring some under eye masks for all the girls. Masqueology sent two different under eye masks. An under eye rose gold gel mask for skin tightening and complexion brightening is just what the doctor ordered... after copious amounts of champagne, wine and vodka. They sent a gold gel mask too, which helps with skin tightening elasticity, dark circles and puffy eyes. I should be putting this under my eyes now, now that the bachelorette weekend is over. I look a little rough.

One of my all time favorite beauty brands, Wander Beauty, sent us lip retreat oils. I just slathered a lot on my lips since these bad boys definitely needed some serious hydration. These were incredible before, during and after the sun exposure on Saturday. Definitely one of the best beauty brands out there, I genuinely can't recommend them enough. 

Every girl needs a new mascara, all the time, so we include Good Jane's Eye Like It Long mascara for all of the girls. Their website is sold out of this mascara, but it will come back in stock. It's a great cruelty free and vegan brand, perfect for lengthening and thickening lashes. Good Janes also sent 100% cruelty-free mink lashes, which is the perfect dual combo. On days you want to be natural, you can add the mascara. On days that should be more dramatic, the lashes. 

When it came to the bridesmaid bags, robes, bridesmaids and bride sashes, and even cozies, Lillian Rose provided. The white and gold was beautiful, not to mention the bridesmaid robes were satin and a beautiful light pink color.

Bride Robe

Bridesmaid Robe

Bridesmaid Tote Bag

Maid of Honor Tote Bag

Bride Tote Bag

Bride Cozy

Bridesmaid Cozy

Maid of Honor Cozy

Bridesmaid Sash

Maid of Honor Sash

Coffee Mug

Wine Glass

The Clothes

We had two custom t-shirts made for the weekend. One was more of a tank from Custom Ink. Kelly really wanted to do the mauve and pink vibes, so we did these colors for the wine tour day. Kelly made a good point and said the mauve was a good fit for wine, and we totally rocked it. Not to mention it was almost 100 degrees that day so the open cut on the side was definitely nice and cooling. They went above and beyond, and wanted to make sure Kelly had a bride shirt in every size which was so so nice of them, since sometimes sizing is a bit tough. For the bride to have the option is so nice. 

Our second shirts were from Personalizology and in a brighter green color (one of the many greens on her wedding invites). Haley and I thought that color would be fun for the pool day, plus we could bring out one of the colors from her wedding invites. They also made these ADORABLE custom cozies for every girl. One side says SQUAD and the other had every bridesmaid's name in the same green shade as the shirts. 

If you notice in some of our pictures, we're all wearing sandals. Reef kindly sent us each a pair of tan sandals, and Kelly the specific bridal ones. We all couldn't stop commenting on how comfortable these sandals were, but they were definitely nice and cozy. 




Another favorite brand of mine, Sequin Jewelry, gifted us all zodiac sign necklaces. I had asked all the bridesmaids for their birthdays but they never knew what it was for specifically. To be honest, I asked them for all kinds of information which no one questioned (luckily.) It all came together and I just love that everyone was wearing their necklaces during our pool day. I love Sequin Jewelry so much, and to be able to share my love with all of Kelly's special ladies, was such a treat. As always, Sequin goes ABOVE and beyond.

If you don't remember, I did a collaboration with Sequin and created my own necklace a few months ago. There's a few left if you want to grab one for yourself!

If you're interested in winning one of two bridesmaid bags (I got 2 extras so I can give 2 away to you) make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube channel. The giveaway will be going live on my channel this week, and NOT on Instagram.

What do you think of this bachelorette weekend?

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