Benefits of Micro-Rolling and Dermaplaning

This is a close up of the Stacked Skincare collection.

Benefits of Micro-Rolling and Dermaplaning

October 23, 2017

How I feel AFTER Dermaplaning

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I have to say my skin has never felt so smooth. I’m sitting here on a plane (seems like I’ve been spending a lot of time on planes and airports recently.) I don’t say that to sound posh, because let’s be honest, airports are not glamorous. At all. I say it because my skin feels like it can breathe and it just feels so fresh. It’s honestly a bit of a weird feeling to explain, but I can sincerely feel the difference. I used my Stacked Skincare dermaplaning tool last night, and I’m going to admit I had some doubts about it but I nipped those doubts in the butt. I’m telling you about all the things I thought about dermaplaning, that were in fact not true.

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The misconceptions.

It’s going to hurt.

It did not hurt at all, and was less invasive than I even expected. I could feel my skin was a bit raw after I used the tool in a few spots for the second time (no more than two!) but it was just the feeling of scraping the dead skin cells. Once I applied the serums after I was done, my skin felt completely fine.

You will cut yourself.

When you think about it logically, you are technically putting a blade to your face. However, keep in mind that men have used a blade to shave for decades. This is not new technology, but the idea of the blade grazing the skin to remove dead skin cells IS. As long as you’re following the instructions given to you on the packaging and holding your skin while using the blade at a 45 degree angle, you’re all set. I will say I had to watch the video at least twice to make sure I did the process properly.

This should be done by a professional.

Nonsense. This is something that is completely DIY worthy. You can do this yourself. I have friends who pay upwards of $100 per month for the dermaplaning but you can buy this tool and do this yourself for a fraction of the cost.

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Now that I got the misconceptions about dermaplaning out of the way, I wanted to dive into why I genuinely love this brand through and through. Backed by science and research, they made the right tools. The owner and founder, Kerry Benjamin, is an aesthetician. The biggest difference with Stacked Skincare is their set of amazing tools. While many skincare brands have lots of products for various skin concerns, Stacked Skincare also has the necessary tools.

How I Found Stacked Skincare

Let's back up to how how I found them. To be clear when I say I, I mean the fiance did. He was looking for the best solution for under-eye bags and puffiness as it’s an ongoing problem for him. After searching for hours and reading countless articles, he learned that a derma-roller (also called micro-roller) could be his best bet. Next he researched derma-rollers and read hundreds of reviews. The best result was the Stacked Skincare micro-roller. We decided to buy a set of two so I could also test it out and see how it did on my skin. Aaron and I have very different skin so it was going to be super interesting to see how mine did in comparison to his.

I’m 26, several fine lines (most on my neck if I’m honest) and I tend to have oilier skin especially if you give me non-mattifying foundations. When I first started using the micro-roller, I saw almost immediate results. I don’t know about you, but we all seem to live in the day and age where instant gratification is the best way to engage us and get us excited about anything. When I roll this over my skin, it does make me a bit red but it is stimulating the collagen in my skin, removing those dull dead skin cells on the exterior, to reveal that beautiful glowing skin underneath. After rolling this for just a week, I saw a massive difference in the fine lines on my skin.

Now for Aaron, this has been the solution he was looking for as it relates to his under eye bags and puffiness. It has helped significantly deflate that puffiness after just a week of rolling consistently. He was a bit more aggressive with it than I. He rolls in the morning and night, whereas I really only focus on the nighttime. 

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Fast forward to today, where I’ve been using their tools for almost two months. My skin is looking less congested overall, more of a healthy glow with a softness I’ve never experienced before. I genuinely do feel that dermaplaning is the best way to exfoliate, get rid of that annoying peach fuzz and get the smoothest skin possible. Once your skin is back to normal after the dermaplaning, that is when you bust out the micro roller and make it a point to roll the skin regularly (at least once a day) to get the collagen stimulated and also keep those dead skin cells off your skin. With consistent rolling, you can make those fine lines really start to fade.

With the hydrating serum, you also whip your skin back into shape after dermaplaning and micro rolling. When I finished the dermaplaning, my skin did feel a bit raw so putting that hydrating serum made a huge difference. As soon as it touched my skin, I felt that cooling sensation of hydration. I noticed that it really sunk into the skin so much better than it ever would if I hadn’t used the dermaplaning tool.

With anything, I genuinely think it’s important to make sure you’re using the cleanest tools and taking care never to touch your face with dirty hands. Stacked Skincare does have dermaplaning blade refills, so you don’t need to purchase the tool over and over again.

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This is beyond kind of them (I make no percentage of the sales if you use my code.) The code is just a kind gesture from them to show appreciation for your interest in their tools.

This is a close up of the Stacked Skincare collection and all the products I used.

I know dermaplaning isn’t necessarily mainstream just yet, so tell me, what questions do you have? Happy to answer them in the comments below!

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