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Best Designer Look a Likes from Amazon

Best Designer Look a Likes from Amazon

January 9, 2020

If you love designer items, but don’t love the price tag, this post is for you. There are so many good designer inspired looks on Amazon, and they are being added daily. If you’re wanting to snag the style without spending the big bucks, check out the inspired looks we’ve gathered below. They tend to go super fast (or Amazon decides to remove them) so don’t sit on the item if you're loving it! 

this image is a flat lay of some of the best designer dupes from amazon. In the photo there is a pink and black gucci dupe headband, a pair of gucci dupe sunglasses and a David Yurman dupe bracelet.

Festival pro tip: Keep your scalp safe from the sun with a really cute scarf.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories have made a major comeback this year and we are here for it. From clips to headbands, there are so many different ways to take your hairstyle to the next level. Gucci released several different hair accessories including this hair clip and a few different headbands. While these accessories are gorgeous, the price tag is steep. It is Gucci though, so what would we expect?

Luckily there are some designer inspired pieces available on Amazon, and they’ve been flying off the Amazon shelves like crazy! They’re currently in stock right now, so be sure to check out the Gucci inspired headbands. They’re soft and flexible and don’t give you the headache that some headbands do. I love that they come in a few different colors, so you can match your outfit. There are also these Fendi inspired headbands which look pretty similar to the real deal for a fraction of the price. Winning!

We also found these scarves that look really cute tied up in your hair. Not to mention they come in a variety of different prints and sizes. Hair scarves is a secret trick for keeping the scalp out of the sun at music festivals.

Jewelry & Accessories

Jewelry is typically an item I feel comfortable splurging on because I know I’ll wear it often, especially if it's higher quality. There are so many new jewelry trends though, and sometimes it can be hard (and expensive) to keep up. I love this David Yurman bracelet, but I’m really into this look a like that’s a total steal! Amazon also has this cable bracelet that’s a total look a like for the real deal. This ring matches the X cable bracelet too, and I love the mix of the silver and the gold. It makes it super versatile and perfect for everyday wear. These Gucci inspired sunglasses were a huge hit last summer and for good reason. They are less than $20 for two pairs, and if you purchased the real ones from Gucci you’d pay that along with another $400 for just one pair. I wear sunglasses pretty much every day in Arizona, and I just love the shape of these. I have seen a ton of women rocking them and this shape looks good on all face shapes. They also come in a variety of colors. Did I mention that these are also prime?! YAS HONEY.

This Louis Vuitton inspired airpod case is a little extra but I’m here for it. The clip on the case makes it so much easier to clip to your keys or gym bag so you’re never without your headphones. It's also a great gift for the fashion lover in your life.


I’m pretty impressed with this Chloe backpack look a like. It’s faux leather with magnetic closure and comes in amazing packaging. The reviews are really good too (always read the reviews!) and it’s available on prime too, so you can get it for your weekend adventures. The original is pricey and hard to come by, so if you’ve been loving the style but not wanting to pull the trigger, be sure to check out the look a like. It also comes in red and pink. One of my personal favorites, the pochette accessories bag is definitely the hottest bag of the season. It's highly coveted with a wait list 923748743 miles long at this point. I snagged mine from the lovely and trusted Julia Rose Boston, and have been rocking it constantly. It's a pretty penny and difficult to come by, so I wasn't too surprised to see that several retailers had look alikes on Amazon. The style is identical, and the reviews look promising. For less than $40 and free returns, what do you have to lose?! There's also this solid black or brown color option for under $30. I feel most comfortable purchasing these look alikes on Amazon because most of them are Prime eligible which means free shipping and free returns. If any items come in that I don't love or find that the quality doesn't measure up, it's a hassle-free return. 

this image is filled with dupes from amazon prime. There is a Louis Vuitton inspired airpod case, gucci dupe sunglasses, gucci inspired headbands, a chloe dupe backpack, two david yurman dupe bracelets and a Louis Vuitton inspired bag and scarf.

I'd love to learn what items you splurge or save on, and why in particular. For me, jewelry is what I like to splurge on because I know I'll rock it all year long. Hair accessories I'd definitely prefer to save on, even though some of the cheaper quality can rip my hair when I take it out. If you've found other good designer look a likes, share with us below! 

Which of these was your favorite?

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i usually choose to splurge on bags and jewelry. I’d save on tech-accessories like covers and cases … I don’t even need those to be designer. I will just buy whatever looks good quality. But when it comes to my bags, jewelry and sunglasses I go for the real deal.


I’m all about a good dupe. I don’t see the point in spending an arm and a leg on a designer item unless it’s a classic piece that will literally last the rest of your life (and beyond). It’s great to find trendy items that look similar and save you money! Great choices here.

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