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Best Drugstore Eye Highlighter

Summertime is the perfect time for highlight all over your face. Whether it’s on your cheek bones or your Cupid’s bow, it’s a crucial part of your day makeup because it really “highlights” the face in a beautiful way. Eye highlights are also very important because they open up the eyes and really draw the attention of onlookers to your beautiful colored eyes. You don’t believe me? Try a highlight one day this week and watch where your colleagues look at when they talk to you. You’ll see what I mean.

One of my lovely coworkers does a makeup exchange with her girlfriends and there were items she received that she believed would be better loved by me…and being so amazing she brought me a bag of goodies. This eye highlighter was truly the jackpot and a product I’ve been using regularly now.

Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Eyelight: $7.99 (Ulta) The packaging is convenient as it comes with a half mirror and closes so you won’t end up with sprinkles of highlight throughout your makeup bag or handbag. I admit the brush is not the most ideal brush so I just continue to use my eyeshadow blending brush for the inner corners of my eyes. I also think half a mirror may not be the most convenient but there is a mirror. I give this product a definite thumbs up because it’s a long-lasting eyelight and really captivates the attention of the people you interact with throughout the day. 

What’s your favorite drugstore eye highlighter?