Best Eyeshadow Palette Under $40 FT. Persona Cosmetics

This is a flat lay shot of my makeup tutorial using the Identity Palette from Persona Cosmetics.

When bloggers do big things, it is truly a beautiful thing. I am such an advocate for all bloggers, YouTubers, social influencers doing BIG things. When each of you wins, #TeamInternet wins as a whole. I just love seeing my peers do big things. Sona (who I’ve loved for years) started her own cosmetics line called Persona Cosmetics, and the first product is an eyeshadow palette. I have been lusting after this Identity Palette for weeks, and finally got it. 

This is a close-up of the packaging of the Identity Palette from Persona Cosmetics.

This is a close-up of my eye lid primer, and the Elf Cosmetics Illuminating Palette.

This is a close up of the Persona Cosmetics Identity Palette, featuring 12 shades.

This is a close up of the makeup products used in the tutorial featuring the Identity Palette from Persona Cosmetics.

When I started discussing this palette over on Insta, a few of you messaged me and commented saying you never seem to finish an eyeshadow palette. I typically only use eyeshadow palettes or pigments, so it’s interesting that some of you buy the palettes but don’t seem to use them.

I honestly cannot recommend another palette MORE to you, because everything about this one is fantastic. The Persona Cosmetics Identity Palette is my favorite palette right now, and I will be using this palette for months to come. 

First off, this palette costs $32. We know that cost is very important to us. This palette has 12 eyeshadows, and with a low cost of $32, it is amazing value. Think about the Urban Decay Naked palettes which retail for $52 and have 12 shadows too. This is such a great deal.

One of the most important things to me is the pigmentation. I’ve had so many eyeshadows that are so sheer, and do not have the pigmentation I’m looking for and it’s always such a bummer. These are extremely pigmented. Another element I look for in shadows is long-lasting wear. Because I have oily eyelids, it’s really important to me that the product is long-lasting, and won’t be off my lid within a few hours (I have very long days.) These are great, and never stray from my lids. 

6 of the colors are buttery matte, and the other 6 are luminous shimmery shades. All neutral colors, and this palette screams ADA! These warm colors, and the golds and browns are seriously giving me liiife. Therefore, I am in love with the color selection. This palette is truly the perfect palette for brown eyes, but will work for all eye colors!

These are ridiculously blendable, and so creamy. Also quite buildable, so if you want the color to be subtle, you can easily apply a light layer. If you’d like it to be dramatic and more intense, you can easily apply additional layers which will look beautiful. This palette is also paraben and cruelty-free.

This palette also has fabulous packaging. I love the Paris theme on the front, and the names of the shadows are all so fun and creative. Sona and her team did a phenomenal job making this palette just the right amount of classy and cute. I love that it has a big mirror, and magnetic closure. The small compact packaging also makes it perfect for traveling. Packaging is an A+.

All in all, I am a huge fan of this palette and I cannot recommend it enough. They did such a phenomenal job, and it’s clear this product was created by a makeup lover and someone who is knowledgeable about the type of makeup that the beauty market needs. This palette is the bomb dot com. I’d love to know your thoughts. Which is your favorite shadow?

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This is a sideways shot of the makeup used in my tutorial featuring the Identity Palette from Persona Cosmetics.

This is a sideways shot of the makeup used in my tutorial featuring the Identity Palette from Persona Cosmetics.

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