Bird Tucson Restaurant Review

This is a full body shot of me standing outside Bird in Tucson Arizona.

This past weekend, we were invited to enjoy a lovely dinner at Bird. I had been here twice before this third visit. Once with my girlfriends, and then once with the Tucson Brunch Babes group. This time we were focusing in on a romantic one on one dinner, so naturally I brought Aaron along for the delicious food. To be totally honest, everything I've ever tried at Bird was delicious. Once I had the roasted half chicken, and the other time I had salmon. Both impeccably well made, and memorable. That's important to me.




We started off with some cocktails. I tried Pedro's Famous Sangria (red) which was a new drink addition to the menu. It was sweet and refreshing. I enjoyed the inclusion of rum, as the sangria had a nice bite to it. Not your typical sangria, which is something I love to see. Crafty cocktails are the best.

Aaron's drink of choice was Minerals and Gems, another new addition to the cocktail list. It was the perfect cocktail; refreshing and light. It wouldn't make you feel bloated and it wasn't sweet. I was loving the mini sips I stole from his drink. 


Aaron's second cocktail was the Tucson Julep, which was super delicious. It had BIRD private barrel del bac dorado, del bac classic, sage infused honey, muddled sage, serrano tincture and creosote tincture. If we had time to just chill and sip on these, we should've done it for hours. Genuinely a drink that tastes like monsoon season, and it's nice and refreshing.

I ordered a glass of Cab Sav with my entree, as Aaron helped polish off that sangria. He was the one truly drinking during this meal as I only focused on my glass of wine. We usually switch off, and just see how we feel with every single meal and occasion. Usually I'm the one enjoying drinks (mainly wine) at occasions, and he prefers cocktails. Since Bird was definitely a great cocktail spot, I had to let him loose to try the cocktails he wanted to. Make sure to always have a give and take in your relationship. You can't always be the DD, or the one drinking (unless you prefer one or the other) but we like to keep it fair.

We ordered the fried green tomatoes, along with some mac n cheese. You know I love mac n cheese like it's nobody's business, so this was such a creamy conglomeration of cheesy crust, cheesy sauce, cheese, cheese and more cheese. Absolutely delicious. Now the friend tomatoes are a whole other level. On the weekends, they top these fried green tomatoes on a breakfast plate and it's honestly the perfect addition for your brunch meal. This appetizer was out of this world. Friend green tomatoes are tasty, along with the aioli sauce that was underneath the tomatoes. Such a great mix of meat, tomato and sauce. Definitely had so much flavor.

This is a close up of the fried chicken nuggets from Bird in Tucson.

When it comes down to it, Aaron and I love nuggets so we had to do some chicken nuggets. Chicken is something Bird does incredibly, and you can have it many different different ways. You'll find the exact chicken that's going to work for your tastebuds. We decided to get the Korean Chili and Brown Sugar Soy. After we were a few minutes into the chicken nuggets, our wonderful server brought out a bunch more sauces and of course (surprise surprise) my favorites were buffalo and bleu cheese. Those are usually the one I go for with chicken sandwiches and chicken plates in general. There's something perfect about the combination.

Given I am a big steak advocate, I had to order the chef's choice steak. It was a flank steak and of course, I ordered it medium rare. It was chewier than the filets I typically go for, but the chimichurri on top of the steak was out of this world. What an incredible addition to a beautiful and delicious steak. Not to mention, these french fries were a great side to an already fabulous entree.

This is a full body shot of me standing in front of Bird in Tucson Arizona.

All in all, it was such a great evening. We ate some delicious food, and had fun chatting. If you're in Tucson or the Phoenix area, you must head to Bird and enjoy dinner. Better yet, if you're in town for the weekend, hit up the brunch! Have you been Tucson peeps?